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sturmovikfan101 06-20-2019 01:25 AM

On quick mission builder with float planes setting scramble starts on runway rather than water.

wheelsup_cavu 06-20-2019 06:59 PM


Originally Posted by sturmovikfan101 (Post 719522)
On quick mission builder with float planes setting scramble starts on runway rather than water.

This is a limitation with how the QMB missions are created and not a bug. The QMB is a very simple find and replace program that fools the user into believing something major is happening. The QMB does not distinguish between land and sea planes when it generates the mission. It strictly alters the Class air.(plane type) line in the .mis file. To have sea planes start on the water the mission creator had to use one of the sea plane bases in the QMB template. I personally do not know of any QMB templates that used a sea base instead of a land base for a SCRAMBLE scenario so you will always have trouble with sea planes in a QMB mission that is set to SCRAMBLE.

This KB article at M4T explains how to create QMB templates in more detail.
Adding your favorite map to the Quick Mission Builder:


sturmovikfan101 12-09-2019 05:23 PM

one of the Japanese ki planes, the pilot has his head sticking through the tip top part of the canopy glass.

just checked, it's the ki-100 when the pilot turns his head to the left or right and looks up

sturmovikfan101 02-11-2020 06:47 PM

The Douglas SBD Dauntless will loop close to the water and always crash into it. I don't know just what they are doing. ai after ai in the group does the same thing. Think it's bugged.

JacksonsGhost 02-12-2020 02:01 AM

Absolutely! SBD low level behaviour is awful at the moment. Too many of the aircraft that continue to strafe after bombing will just go and do the loop and crash thing.

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