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Bulau 03-13-2016 09:57 PM

Multiplayer Hosting - What Am I Missing?
I haven't played this game in years, never hosted before, and my brother and I have decided to get back into it again.
I just installed the Team Fusion MOD, 4.312 and it works fine for offline single player, and I could join online servers and spawn in, but we are trying to host and join Direct IP. When my brother hosted, I could join his server, but could not select any base...I think he may have been using a SP map.

I read the instruction by klem here:

and went throught the process:


At this point, I'm in the Single Player missions, so I double-click
.. (go up directory), then...
Blue v Red - Cross v Roundel
I see the map, but there is no briefing...
Start Battle...

Now I see this text on the right:
"Select an army to chees an existing plane, or an airfield on the map to create a new one"

But, none of the bases on the map are selectable, and there are no buttons to select an army. ??? I click on

and get the external view of an AI plane. What am I missing?

Bulau 03-14-2016 09:06 PM

Well, I have since found the answer to this...I had to go into the Realism settings and uncheck all of the boxes under the Aircraft Switching section...simple!

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