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CzechTexan 03-18-2018 01:16 AM

Pe-2 dive bombing
I made Pe-2 missions a long time ago but I cannot remember if the A/I Pe-2s were able to dive bomb or if they just do level bombing.

I have tried and tested them from 3000-6000m but I cannot get them to dive.

How can they be made to dive?

wheelsup_cavu 03-18-2018 02:51 AM

Did you use the set target button and attach them to a target on the ground?
I have had some bombers, like the D3A1, that would attack ground targets without being attached to a specific target and others wouldn't unless they had a specific target to attack. Maybe the Pe-2 is one of those that needs to be attached to a target before it will dive bomb?

Pe-2 AI Dive bomb:


Marabekm 03-18-2018 10:37 AM

Out of the Game Manual

• GATTACK: This signifies ground attack.
Target: You can select the target in this mode. If you press the Set button, the cursor will
switch into selection mode (you can cancel this by pressing the right mouse button). When
the flight reaches the waypoint, it will try to attack the target. If you choose Ground Target,
the type of activity will change into GATTACK.

1. For dive bombers, fighters with bombs, and fighter-bombers, you have to set target
objects for the GATTACK point. Otherwise, they will attack the enemy object nearest to
the waypoint, if they can find it.

2. For transports with bombs and level bombers, set the waypoint directly over the object
that you would like to destroy, and then set GATTACK for that waypoint. Planes will drop
the bombs in that area. (You must set the GATTACK waypoint without a target object!) Do
the same if you use planes with paratroopers as loadout.

3. For dive bombers and fighter-bombers with bombs, the altitude has to be more than 1300
meters for dive bombing. Otherwise, they drop bombs as level bombers.

4. If you want any of the selected groups of planes with bombs to do level bombing, see
item 3 above.

5. Don’t set an altitude that is too low in bomb target areas for level bombers. They may be
destroyed by their own bomb explosion.

6. Don’t set the previous waypoint too close to the point of GATTACK. Planes won’t have
time to rejoin the right formation for the attack. Usually it is enough to set 7 to 10 km
between these waypoints.
Tip: If you have difficulty setting GATTACK on a bridge or other objects/units, you
need to center them on the map and use the zoom.

So if you want your PE-2s to dive bomb, follow steps 1,3, and 6. If you want them to level bomb, follow steps 2,5, and 6.

CzechTexan 03-18-2018 01:42 PM

Thanks a lot Marabekm! I just could not remember :)
I was trying to set it to bomb a bridge sand it would not set, so I guess that was my problem. I'll try to zoom in and do it that way.

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