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anorak 12-23-2013 12:07 PM

Better Camera wanted

This is a request just for the Developer of the game!!

I Play the game for a view days. First i thought "yet another Cheap Offroad-Game", but i see very soon, its a really great game.

OK. I have one "Problem". I play with the XBOX 360 Gamepad and work fine (after i disconect my 3D Connexion Space Navigator). But sometimes the camera is not very helpful, because it is "under" the Car, maybe when i run off an hill.
So i adjust it higher, but its almost to "low". So i have to use the mousewheel to zoom out a little. After I make an mistake in the game and restart the race the camera is fixed to normal again. So i have always zoom out a little bit.

So, can you make the camera "save" like i adjust them (maybe till i change the camera with Right Stick Click). Or maybe in the Options a option for "near, normal, far"?

The next thing ist just an idea by me. I don't know if you know the very old game "Viper Racing" by Sierra. It has an very interesting camera perspective, where you only saw the Tires and springs (chassis). It was an very cool driving with that view.
Do you think you can make an option, that shows only the Tires, Springs and Chassis (Axies)? I think, that would be very interesting for that game, and sometimes realy helpful, to see where the tires have grip..
Maybe you can make the body like "glass", so that everyone may see his car :)
But this only as an idea ;)

Please fix the camera-Problem!

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