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Destraex 10-06-2007 09:43 AM

What will this game have that MTW2 does not?
Been watching the development of this game, want to know how it will trump MTW2 especially with the AI.

Edit: Just watched the videos and have to say the game looks very nice. The graphics do not seem to have the same shine as MTW2 graphics have. The combat also looks a little unrealistic when I see knights charge into the centre of a phalanx too. The animations seem a little light on the ground (the troops are too uniform in their marching for instance) aswell as seeeming to miss frames. Horses (knights chargers) I hope will look different on lesser troops. At the moment they all look like heavy set draught horses with those very hairy hooves. I like the look but am not sure about its authenticity.
THere were also moments in combat that looked a little unrealisic.
The terrain looks flat and unremarkable apart from a few hills.

However the game looks really really good.
Look forward to seeing how sieges and campaigns are worked out.
Aswell as multiplayer and AI

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