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Mysticpuma 03-24-2017 03:47 PM

Team Fusion Simulations Update - In-game footage of the Gladiator MK.II
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Well now the news that we have signed the deal has gone public, get ready for the all-in-one patch to go live!

Initially our patches from v3.00 to v4.312 will be made into a single download patch and available via Steam. This should be available in the next few-days and do away with the need to download multiple patches. Just head to Steam and download the single patch (although if you already have our patches installed there is no-need as it's the same version).

One thing you will need to do is turn 'Beta' downloads on in Steam as that is what the official v4.312 patch is listed under. Here's a picture attached to show how to do it.

Now that we're moving forward at a much faster pace, here's a short video showing just one of the many aircraft we intend to bring to the Simulator this-year.

The research that went into modelling the Gladiator MK.II cockpit has spanned hundreds of hours from gathering the smallest details (like writing on fuse-boxes) to how the canopy and handles operate. Please note this is a Work in Progress but close to ready :)

I took the aircraft for a ride and had a look around the cockpit, also some external shots showing the exhaust flames matching throttle control and finally a little dogfighting, which, you'll see that if you are an enemy against me, you are quite safe in the skies! I couldn't hit a barn door with a baseball at 2-feet :)

Anyway, here's the video, hope you like it, cheers, Mysticpuma/Team Fusion Simulations

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MB_Avro_UK 03-31-2017 08:28 AM


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