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Gniarf 03-27-2009 07:15 PM

[mod] MadMan's Mess
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Duuh, I'm finally releasing my mod, well, a beta version actually (v0.1...,no v0.3,err...v0.4!). I didn't test it completly but AFAIK it is playable, so leechers may enjoy.
However I'm actually releasing it hoping that someone will help me code all that stuff. (<-Well I almost gave up on that now) Anyway as long as you can tell the difference between a for and a while loop, you qualify.

MadMan's Mess Mod Content:
-Added a new menu in the option screen with MadMan's Mess specific options: ennemy quantity, ennemy speed factor, unlimited ammo, and invisibility
-fixed a bug that caused weapons to flicker when you get close to an obstacle
-fixed a bug that prevented you from getting most left handed weapons
-adjusted weapon bobbing
-fixed ammo display when zooming with a sniper rifle
-HUD shows ammo for both guns when dual wielding.
-spawnpoints spawn 2x more people (save for bosses and some special mobs)
-fixed a bug causing weapons no longer moving up due to the recoil
-fixed a bug where the player couldn't move after doing an execution
-fixed a bug where hiting with the shovel was nearly impossible
-fixed a bug where rifles weren't displayed correctly when reloading or sprinting
-Shovels now use shovel ammo (max 5) instead of bayonets.
-projectiles really leaving from the gun barrel instead of the player's mouth/face
-ztorm's FOV fix:99% (to test)
-Weapons pulled backward when you approach walls/ennemies
-Effects attached to weapons (like flames on the flame hand) really attached to the weapon and not conveniently floating where they're supposed to be.
-rewrote a good chunk of the camera code
-Unlimited ammo for all weapons
-Dual wielding any single handed weapon except the shadow hand
-reduced loading time by removing caching(implemented the quick&dirty way, waiting for confirmation/infirmation that it really does something)

planned features:
-Barbed wire hand take&shred mode instead of take&throw:50% (adrenaline cost not set, should depend on target health)
-removing duplicated code in the weapon luas
-rewriting PROPERLY the luas. Done so far: 6 cuts (NEED HELP)
-spawn quantity, godmode and unlimited ammo settings in the game options.

ideas: (later, and if it is possible)
-keeping your weapons when you switch level

crazy ideas: (maybe later, in a long time)
-new crosshair mode: no more aiming cones but a moving/"floating" cross pointing exactly where you will shoot. Maybe 1 cross per weapon when dual wielding.
-lan/online coop mode (<-dream)

This mod is (so far) designed for solo play. It's very likely that it doesn't work in multiplayer. Reports of how it behaves in MP would/could be appreciated.

Installation: unzip in your NecroVisioN folder.
Removal: run "Remove MadMan's Mess.bat" in your NecroVisioN folder. Take care:
1-it will remove everything in the LSCRIPTS directory, incase you'd have put stuff there.
2-I don't remember if you have a levels directory when you install the game. Anyway I had to modify some level files and it will remove those files too, however it won't restore the originals, IF there were any.

ztorm 03-28-2009 04:42 PM

There's a couple annoying things I have to figure out before the TripleHead FOV fix is ready :/
-some CWeapon files don't seem to be used in solo mode, do these weapons exist in MP ? (demonstrike, flaregun...)
-"pushing back" hands/legs/weapons using the z pos works but some models (rigfles, MG) seem to squash, accordion-style against an invisible wall (i.e cannons look shorter than they should)
-once they've been moved, Shadowhand's flame/ice glow + flamethrower tip FX don't stick to the models anymore. For example the flame does not appear around the Hand but somewhere between Simon and the crosshair... Positions of these effects seem to be linked to the crosshair or sth, so moving the emitters only adds to the mess...

But I don't mean to hijack your post. Big kudos for the release :mrgreen:

Csimbi 03-30-2009 07:25 PM


Originally Posted by Gniarf (Post 71119)
ideas: (later, and if it is possible)
-spawnpoints spawning more people and faster (more serious sam like gameplay)

This would make my day ;-)
Actually, I loved SSam, so I would love any improvements that would make NecroVision more "serious" ;-)

Gniarf 03-30-2009 07:59 PM

I put it in the "later if possible" section because I thought there might be issues with boss spawnpoints (spawning 3x the final boss....not good) but apparently I have plenty of choice to avoid that, like:
-editting the level itself: open .CSpawnPoint files, add mobs.
-putting a(n adjustable?) factor in CSpawnPoint.lua ,using the o.IsBoss variable not to have serious boss troubles...and pray that the devs set up correctly the isboss variable...

But atm I'm barely over with fixing the camera code (I'm not sure having game.lua turning/placing the cam is the most architecturaly correct, but it's better than the heap of spegettis the devs wrote (BTW lol@ ax = math.mod(math.pi*2 + math.mod(ax,math.pi*2),math.pi*2) ).

While I'm at it, I have a question: When you aim down (or up) you can't go lower(or higher) than a certain angle.
The question is: Do I keep that or not? 'Coz I don't see why I couldn't aim at my feet...

Csimbi 03-30-2009 09:51 PM


Originally Posted by Gniarf (Post 71344)
The question is: Do I keep that or not? 'Coz I don't see why I couldn't aim at my feet...

Thinking SSam, why not? I could totally picture jumping/flying over a sea of zombies and give my blessing to them from above.

Gniarf 03-31-2009 06:36 PM

Jumping: ok if that's from a cliff
Flying: err...we have a cheat to fly?
Hovering: I know vampsmg has quite some push. I know 2 of those should have twice the push, BUT aiming at the ground and firing 2 vampsmg is NOT going to make you hover above zombies.

Ofc if someone were to patch CWeapon:CamUpWhenShoot so that it used ENTITY.PO_AccumulateRotation(entity,hitpointX,hitp ointY,hitpointZ,SpeedOrForceX,SpeedOrForceY,SpeedO rForceZ) and implement a damage-to-force-conversion (no forgetting "recoiless" rockets) then PERHAPS such such side-effects COULD happen.

Csimbi 03-31-2009 07:24 PM

I did not mean the rocket-jump. I mean from a cliff, an elevated position, or from the ground (extra high jumps are enabled in Armour of God at least ;-) ).

I that a hint for a modder or a dev?

Gniarf 03-31-2009 08:46 PM

for a modder. Devs chose to tilt the camera upward of an angle defined hand, which is ok/common in most fps.

Gniarf 04-11-2009 06:44 PM

MadMan's Mess v0.2 out! First post updated.

1-ztorm (or any other tripleheader), could you tell me how the weapons look like in 3head mode (effects, shrink, etc...)?

2-For some thechnical reasons, I really want to split the dual heavy MG into two one-handed weapons (so you could wield a HMG and a shovel for example). Any objections?

3-In my attempt to make a fov fix I had to remove the GunPass, which first forced meto write a weapon pullback code (took me a lot of time) and second screwed the weapon positions so they seemed farther from the screen. I roughtly fixed the positions, but I'd appreciate if someone could fine(r)-tune them.

4-I'm still looking for fellow modders willing to help me. Anyone there?

Gniarf 04-26-2009 03:39 PM

MadMan's Mess v0.3 out! First post updated.

I didn't touch the dual HMG for now,I'm still thinking about it...
As for the spawn factor, it's 2 for now as a proof of concept, but I'll make it adjustable (1,2,3,4,5,10,100 settings?)

The triplehead fix hasn't been tested for now. Can someone with 3 screens tell me if it work??

v0.3 known bugs:
-weapons sometimes "flickering" when you get close to an obstacle <-fixed in v4
-during some charge animation, we can see that part of the player arm is missing.
-some cloned ennemies (see spawnpoint tweak) that have special scripts (probably cutscene-related) have a dumb behavior.
-I couldn't get rid of the outragious weapon bob. <-fixed in v4 or improved at least
-total ammo can still be seen when zooming (but is that a bug or a feature?)

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