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namad 05-25-2016 09:48 AM

dragonrider summon dragons ability bugged? summons too many?
1 dragon rider uses summon dragon for 6603 leadership
2 dragon rider is 7203
3 is 7803
4 is 8403

seems like it was supposed to be about 800 leadership of summoning each, which would've been in line with their leadership of 1500. Not to mention the female discount achievement you have to unlock in order to recruit them.

Usually a summon is around 40-70% of the leadership of the original troop.

BB Shockwave 06-30-2016 05:05 AM

As I see from your many topics, you just realized there is something wrong with Dark Side...

Here is a hint - it is a terribly untested, buggy game that just throws in new abilities and units to a good game without checking for balance or logic. Don't play it... or Warriors of the North. I loved the first two-three games, but a wholly different team is making the games since Warriors of the North, and they have made every error imaginable. I basically beta-tested WotN for the company, it had so many bugs and errors... and it is still unfixed in some places.

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