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Spudkopf 12-13-2016 10:52 AM

Seem to be loosing my CH HOTAS settings in game
G'day all

I seem to be losing the HOTAS components for my CH Stick Throttle and Rudder compo. It appears the throttle maps to the rubber and then all else is screwed up, and I have to then go in and re-assign the all the axis and the POV buttons.

Seems to happen after a reboot?

I kind of remember there was a Win 10 ID issue that someone else had, but could not find it and this had not been a problem for me until now as I had not had any issues.

I have the latest version of CH controller and all the calibration seems to be correct and working fine and once reset in Il2 are also good that is until I reboot or restart, so is there something Win 10 and Il2 are conflicting over or is the order of my devices somehow being altered at the Windows level and thus causing the conflict for Il2 as I have noticed the ID names seem to change during the HOTAS setup??

Any Ideas??? :confused:


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