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Sir_SalzStange 12-06-2012 02:28 AM

I can not choose the german Language
Hello 1C Community, admins/mods and publisher,

you are a very great game producer and i have the most of your games but now i think i have a problem..

I had buy Real Warfare 2 Nothern Crusades a steam code on ebay but now i only can choose the russian and english language...

Omg?! I want to play this in german and not in russian! You are russian gameproducers? Ok. cdv is also russian and have great stratetic games but they have all games in german choosable! YOu have very great games and the most of the games are in german available but this not, why?

Please help me to get this game playable for 350 000 000 german people on this world..

The German people will like this game...! Because they like the most of rts or wisim games. (watch the german selling charts..on amazon.. simcity or other wisim/rts games have very great selling rates in germany..)

Do you have some german patches for me or for steam?
Oo i do not like to play this game in english ;( ! English is a great easy language but it is not my motherlanguage. So i had always to concentrate on the textes and this will small the fun in the game.

Where i can register my games in your forum or website like?

You should work more with paradox=) Oo
but please do not stop to design games. !!!!

Greats from Germany (^.^)
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Sir_SalzStange 12-06-2012 02:30 AM

Sorry, i had do a double Post. Please delete one titel. This was a mistake! Sry!

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