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bigbossmalone 10-10-2007 07:30 PM

Chances are, he's quietly checking it out, and preparing some answers to
our questions....I'm confident he'll make an appearance in the next week - or 2... :wink:

Jughead 10-10-2007 10:23 PM

Maybe he's waiting for questions:

1). Why the big secret about SoW.

2). Will Ubi be the publisher for SoW anywhere?

3). When can we see some SoW updates with vids and sounds?

4). Will 4.09 have new sounds? Seems it might discourage hacking.

Sorry for repeating others questions but these are things I'd like to know.

heywooood 10-11-2007 01:26 AM

Hi Oleg and 1c !

Oleg - will SoW:BoB be available in 2007? - we still have a few months...

Will the offline campaigns and missions be fully developed? or will you rely more on third party community involvement than you did in the Il2 franchise?

Will there be more programmable camera views and options for the movie makers?

Can we expect to see any screenshots or models in regular updates - like we had on Fridays in years past with the Il2 ?

Looking forward to the new simulation you all have been working on for so long - I am sure it will be worth the wait even if it takes a long while yet.

Alloy007p 10-11-2007 01:45 AM

Hi Oleg

Will players be able to fly any heaavy bombers in SoW.
Will SOW have some sort of fuel rearm and repair option.
Will SoW have historic ground battles WITH infantary.

Asheshouse 10-11-2007 09:43 AM

Handley Page HP52 Hampden
Oleg - Do you have any plans to, or interest in including the Hampden in SoW BoB?
Inset image provided by Zorin --- for comparison.
Image Source:
Original Source: RAF Museum - Shows Hampden Mk.1 of No.455 RAAF Squadron

The Hampden was one of the three principal heavy bombers in the RAF at the start of the war and continued in service up to 1941. During BoB the Hampdens were active in the anti-shipping role, laying mines and bombing the invasion ports. In the later period they even sent two squadrons of Hampden torpedo bombers to Murmansk as part of the defence against Tirpitz for convoy PQ18, and subsequently they were taken over by the Russian Air Force. Total number produced was 1532.

SFM-SPIT 10-11-2007 11:56 AM

Hi Mr Maddox

A great "frenchie" question..

For now, french planes have never be represented as flying models in a sim.
We have hope this for IL2 but around the time of AEP and after PF.. but BoB was already in mind and it was a better option to wait BoB for this..

Several fans are ready tu work about this topic, i've several contacts with many guys in various domains, i've also contact with fans owning many originals blue sheet for various french planes.

My Question is :
French planes an early war era can be interessting ?
And to avoid useless work for theses fans, is the french planes welcome in BoB or future realease?

As if we read some interview, we feel that may be the second opus of SoW can be around the mediteranean sea... ( not often used in sims) French planes can be included.. as they were laregely represented in North Africa.. ok it's vichy era.. and we prefer battle of france but.. planes are the same :lol:
Can we expect french planes in the future of SoW/BoB...?
Can we provide help to do that? :wink:

But maybe it's too early to have an answer

Jagdwaffe 10-11-2007 03:44 PM

A question for Mr Maddox - what are the borders of the Battle Of Britain map? As I understand there are add-ons Battle Of Poland and Battle of France so will the SoW:BoB map be from Scotland to Poland...Norway to Cherbourg?
For online dogfight maps will the Battle of Britain map be available in smaller detailed maps - for example from Kent to Pas de Calais?

Tbag 10-11-2007 04:26 PM


Originally Posted by Jagdwaffe
As I understand there are add-ons Battle Of Poland and Battle of France

Never heard of that, can you tell me where that info comes from?

As far as I remember from some screens, the map for SoW:BoB will not go up to Scotland, I don't even think it will include Liverpool or Manchaster. But who knows.

GF_Mastiff 10-11-2007 04:27 PM

Questions Mr Oleg Maddox's
I suspect you to be a very honorable person when it comes to game's, from what I have read I believe you to be a anti cheat and anti hacking computer programmer. Providing a very fair playable gaming forum.
With that said, is there any future for IL2 Sturmovik FB 1946?
Being from the military myself (Army)
I fell in love with this game 5 months ago and haven't stopped playing. It has everything a Military minded virtual Sims player could ask for, Ground targets, Flight targets, bombing runs and escorts. Even with the little world of tank battles gong on on the ground it's to bad you can't have actual players in those tanks on the ground calling up to flight command for direct support, to halt the enemy tank players, would be interesting to have such player controlled indepth in the game. Massive Multi-player? Maybe?

I hope all is going well with the new IL2 Sturmovik 4.09, 10 version?
I hope to see a fix for the IL2fb.exe shut down bug?
Added dual CPU usage?
Maybe tone down the killer AI gunners, I never seen a gunner when turning a plane with allot of G's get a cockpit kill?

Well thats all I have for you at the moment, good luck and if you answer thank you.


choctaw111 10-11-2007 04:53 PM

Will there be ground crew and vehicles arming and fueling the planes? Will there also be ground crew moving around the airfield while we are taxiing our airplane around for takeoff and landing.

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