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TBF Gunner 01-19-2013 02:28 PM


Originally Posted by Bf-109G Pilot (Post 492429)
just got the X-box console and am awaiting my HORI EX2 stick! Once I get a little flight time I hope to meet some of you!


Received the stick a few days ago and also got the IL-2 game for X-Box! The stick is awesome but man, I can't fly a lick! Need a lot of flight time to be able to fly with you boys! In my tutorial flights, I am stuck on flight #3 where I need to use my gun camera. . .can't find it on my stick controller! I did fine with the Barrage Balloons and Heinkels but cannot finish the flight! I think my son can help me. . .! :cool:

Irish Smitty 01-24-2013 01:10 PM

Happy to find this place!
Brian here, XBLA Tag "KISS MY IRISH A". Just recently got BoP. I'm a longtime vet of IL-2 2 on PC but my PC died and I wanted to try the new console game. Aviation is my passion and my reconstructed shoulder (baseball) is the only thing that prevented me from following the family tradition of military aviation. I don't currently have a flight stick for Xbox, and I was wondering what other thought about the playability of a gamepad on simulation difficulty. I deffinatly miss the dynamic campaign mode of the old PC game. I always played with full realism, and my longest career (without dying) was 23 missions (in ten years of gameplay), this experience gave me a great respect for the men who flew the real thing!
My favorite ww2 aircraft (by far) is the La-7 b3x20. Perfectly manuverable, fast, stable, and 3 20mm cannons made quick work of damn near anything!
I'm a stay at home dad now so I play whenever my little man is napping or sleeping, usually 10pm to 1am CST and sometimes noon to 2pm. Please add me to your friends list. I'm a friendly, experienced pilot and a deffinate team player!

Irish Smitty 01-24-2013 01:30 PM


Originally Posted by graybeard19 (Post 455071)
Hi Fellow pilots, I am new here..Dont have birds of prey YET...but do have orig IL2, pacific theater, forgotten em. I like flying all the planes, dont understand some of the aiming devices on the german 109, and others...not like a p47, or brit planes, for some reason they shoot off to the left of the aiming thingy...WHY???? no clue. Guess my fave planes to fly are the p47d, Spitfire, Yak 3, Lav 5, and IL2 mod...what a plane! OH, forgot the tempest...dont know why you cant fly the one like it, forgot name,,,still has that scoop all gaming in the air...take care, watch you 6

I played and loved the PC game for ten years. Your gunsight in some aircraft (like the 109) are not center mounted. Go to your controls and find "toggle gunsight ( control G by default I think) this will adjust your view so you can aim!

Irish Smitty 01-24-2013 03:11 PM

Just checked out the BoS demo
Holy crap BoS is awesome. I was reading thru the posts an I just realized BoS is the (sequel?) anyway, I remember the days when the people who worked at the game store actually KNEW their products. Wish I wouldn't have bought BoP, I'll still play it, but now I NEED BoS!!!

bobbysocks 01-28-2013 05:03 PM


Originally Posted by Irish Smitty (Post 495397)
I played and loved the PC game for ten years. Your gunsight in some aircraft (like the 109) are not center mounted. Go to your controls and find "toggle gunsight ( control G by default I think) this will adjust your view so you can aim!

your german planes in BoP dont have you can only fly 3rd person or virtual cockpit without the istrument panel. you cant use a key board either. in your menu you can configure your flight stick. its been forever since i played BoP..if they show an ace edge use that for your hori.

if you have a hard time flying play with your sensitivities. do yourself a favor and do some searches. everything you all are having problems with...has been written about...and if there is a is listed.

its a pretty decent does have bugs ( which are also listed )...but you can have hours of fun with this.

veritas41 01-31-2013 07:18 PM

A 'nother Noob!
Hey, new (as of yesterday) to the forum. I fly on the PS3 PSN ID: veritas41 and I'm central-USA time zone.

I was never into PC gaming or 'flight sims' but I liked the arcady 'Secret Weapons over Normandy' game that was for PS2 which was a WW2ish game. I came acrossed BoP and gave it a shot and I liked it quite a bit! Considering the difficulty realistic and simulator mode can create, along with a good online interface, it definately is a keeper... enough to actually provoke me to look for any BoP forums! :)

Currently I'm still going after unlocks and still trying to brush up on more advanced dogfighting tactics... and figuring out whether I like the standard or aviator controller setup. I'm getting a hang on things but there is a ton of room for improvement from my end. I keep an eye-out for anyone wanting to go a few rounds on BoP so feel free to PM or contact me on PSN!


ricksef 12-19-2014 01:26 AM

XBox 360
Trying to play online are there members that are still playing online and any groups that I could join?
When I try to join online I receive the message "the IL-2 Sturmovik Birds Of Prey servers are unavailable right now. Try again

ricksef 12-19-2014 01:53 AM

Xbox 360 like to join online groups
Xbox 360
online name
Would like to join online gaming but when going online I doesn't seem like anyone is playing online?

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