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Blades 03-05-2018 11:57 PM

Assistance required please
Hello I was going to start a New Thread to ask this Question, but for some reason I cannot start a new thread and can only post a reply to existing threads, so thankyou for your Patience. I am returning to the IL-2 Sim after an 18 year absence and I am trying to find a Forum concerning Pacific Fighters. As an Australian I have become interested in 75th Squadron RAAF Royal Australian Air force defence of Port Morseby in New Guinea South Pacific area 1942 just prior to the Battle of the Coral Sea. These guys flew p40 kittyhawks, and the famouse Japanese Air Ace Saburo Sakai said these where some of the bravest men he ever fought against in the Pacific war with their seemily surprise suicidal attacks in their P40s on Sakais air base at Lae as well as their boom and zoom attacks on his Zeros and Jap Bombers he was trying to defend when they bombed Port Morseby. I love to mission Build and I was looking around to see if anybody has yet Created 75th Squadron RAAF Skins, so I can recreate some of these epic air battles between 75th Squadron and Saburu Sakais mob over Port Moresby in early 1942. If somebody could please direct me with a Link if possible, to any relavent forum area that you may think could be of assistance. I will post a WIKI Link here for anybody interested in the Air Battles I just spoke of here.... thankyou for your patience and time.

aelius 03-26-2019 08:41 PM

Photobucket watermarks
I've not returned to this board in some time and was surprised to discover that photobucket, in order "to reduce our brand marketing expenses," now watermarks the pictures that they host. Of course, the overlay ruins the image and reduces it to nothing more than an advertisement for the company. Unfortunately, I had placed almost a hundred pictures on that lamentable site, all of which now have been branded with their advertisement.

Beginning with Post 74 on the Ju87 "Snake" Stuka, I've begun to upload those screenshots and photographs to my own website. As there is time, I'll continue to replace the more important graphics and correct any broken links to the templates. And then I will close my account with photobucket--and may I never mention that name again!

In the meantime, I've revised many of this thread's text and pictures in a more coherent fashion and posted them at

FurphyForum 03-29-2019 07:59 AM

Aelius, thank you for this, please don't be shy to continue with your skills as there is always a need for more skins. :grin:

aelius 03-29-2019 02:14 PM

Thanks for the kind remark, especially since the board (perhaps understandably) is somewhat moribund after so many years--as indeed, I am. But there is a bit more to be done--as soon as I can rebuild the water cooler on my computer so I can fly again.

FurphyForum 03-30-2019 03:06 AM

@ aelius;
Yeah this forum is... well let's say non productive, but you have an opportunity to make it different.

There is a definite lack of skins with some AC models. With TF 5.0 not so far away and the focus is MTO, AC like BR-20M, CR.42,G.50 will need skins, not to mention the new releases also.

With you being one of the old guard, and is also contactable, your time is ripe for the skinning haven :D

aelius 04-08-2019 05:31 PM

We may the only two flying, FurphyForum, and I am not even doing that! But I am revising the historical content of my earlier posts, at least on my own site. And that will help make more accurate skins--if I can fix the computer. It may be awhile, but I'm still here.

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