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AtrixWolfe 01-31-2014 03:40 AM

Assassins morale and other buffs
I'm going on my fifth play through and really giving assassins a look over, their ability to potentially double damage against every unit type in the game if you take the time to build them up is amazing, and their base attack is also amazing and their skills and how they work are fun. And just doing lots of damage and still poisoning is great.

But they are severely limited for all their advantages and I can see why (or you'd probably just one troop army them like you can do with gryphons). No positive buffs stick, you can't even haste them to get them across the battlefield quicker. And the worst part: I can seem to find NO way to up their morale. On them or any other neutral troop. Is there no items in the game that work on a neutral troops morale?

Also I find the steam armor works on the rest of my army, all humanoids (though not short really, bowmen, rune mages, paladins and inquistors all benefit all have +3 morale but the assassin though still out damaging anyone else, is not receiving benefits from anything).

Are there any items that work with assassins? Has anyone here done an assassin oriented build or game? I mean, if you spent the time to backstab or cast doom on anything that was going to die all game and let your assassins finish them off I'm sure for most units you could get up to 100% damage bonus by the end of the game. Too bad you can't stick hell breath on them or something tho :(

Liger 02-02-2014 10:52 AM

Fool's Cap (don't work)
A jester's hat, decorated with silver bells.
+3 Intellect
+1 Morale to all troops
Army Drum (don't work)
Normal signal drum.
+150 Leadership
+1 Morale to all troops

Other boost:
Assassin's Dagger
Narrow long dagger with a poisoned blade.
+1 poison damage
+30% to Critical Hit of Assassins

I haven't tested those "morale to all troops" items on neutrals, but I think those should work.

the benevolent adversary 02-03-2014 02:43 AM

actually I believe neither of those morale artifacts will work on anything but human, and though it seems the assassins are human I do not think it will work on them. but hey try it out I could be wrong.
personally I would rather use the royal snakes then the assassins, they can be buffed if you want (I also usually get the blue pet dragon which gives them a higher initiative).
if you are getting lots of criticals then the jolly roger sword is sweet (adds 20% damage to critical hits).

Liger 02-03-2014 06:25 AM

The benevolent adversary is rigth. I just tested both morale items and it seems that those give morale only to humans. Stupid missleading info though.

Of course one way to give them morale is make your own item with editor then add it to some shop or chest.

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