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Lord Ludwig 12-30-2011 08:42 PM

Can two successive wives spawn the same baby?
As per title, a quick question. The potential "children" all share some mothers in common. So what happens if, just to take the first alphabetical example, I marry Mirabella, get Adamus, then divorce and marry Xeona: can I get Adamus again, or do "born" children get erased from the list of potential children?

abdoi 01-02-2012 01:49 PM

Your future wives may give you the same child

Lord Ludwig 01-10-2012 04:48 PM

Thank you for the answer, but it seems not to be this way. I had Rina with Dmitry and Angelika and chucked her for Mirabella who, according to KBscanner, was supposed to give me in order Laura, Dmitry, John and Neiron. After Laura however the second child was Neiron. The third was John, and the fourth Emmanuel. In KBscanner after Mirabella there's Neoka, who was supposed to give Neiron and Emmanuel as the two first children, so I suppose the game checked for Dmitry, found him already "born", then went to the successive possible baby by Neoka which was Neiron, then gave me John and finally, finding Neiron already "born" went again with a possible child for both Neoka and Mirabella. Some more testing would be interesting, but it seems anyway my attempt to maximize exp by getting both Dmitry and Neiron is screwed :(

Fatt_Shade 01-10-2012 05:56 PM

As `abdoi` said there is no sure way to get certain children. This is game of %(percentages) and randomness. Every new started game gives you different units,items,spells layout . . . So only thing to do when waiting for child to be borne is pray it will be useful for your hero class (and to be born healthy :-) If you dont know children available check here
I mentioned percentages since there are different bonuses from kids, flat bonus +5 int is great to get early game, but later +20% int for mage hero is more then +5. But in my opinion best are those with %, expl :
warrior it`s better bonus % lds then best lds item in game, for 20+ Klds hero 10% is 2000 at least, and best lds item in game is marshal baton +1000lds only. rage/att% kids are also better then gladiator sword almost every time.
mage intellect% kid is best, after him mana% and so on.
+ scrolls kids are worst i wish there is way to give them for adoption :-P
And why do you want both +exp% kids ? Max lvl you can get here is 31, so after that exp gain is 0 (i dont know what difficulty you play, but it`s reachable in almost any hard/impossible game).

Lord Ludwig 01-10-2012 07:06 PM

Fatt, thanks for the answer but I get the impression you're mistakenly assuming I'm more or less new to the game. Actually I played through KBTL several times when it came out and completed also KBAP more than once no loss on impossible. I just wanted, after not playing it for a couple of years and waiting for the third instalment, to replay once more KBTL and was intrigued by the idea of getting maximal XP gain. I don't seek the "most powerful" assortment nor am I looking for a really high score (too frustrating trying to do everything as quickly as possible the way loreangelicus did it).

As for the children, KBscanner shows them, so no need to pray I guess. Only I never bothered before to check if getting one kid scheduled with wife A got the kid crossed out for wife B. It appears to be this way, so I won't get the second XP raising kid, at least not in this game. Thanks also for the link, but I know very well which kids are available:)

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