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GF_Mastiff 12-04-2007 08:47 PM

patch info update on BF web page
On Bf web pages

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posted December 04, 2007 13:06
Hello everyone! Today we have made available a video that 1C has prepared which showcases some of the new features included in the upcoming Theatre of War 'Uber' Game Patch.

The video focuses on the updated Map Editor which now allows the player unprecedented control to edit and create playable landscapes, including full real time 3D terrain transformation, water flow modeling, surface layering, structure manipulation and object/structure/road placement among many other advanced editor elements such as modifiable terrain highlights, structure damage and variable foliage density.

The upcoming patch includes much more than just a newly re-engineered Map Editor and a brief list of the other new additions featured in the upcoming Theatre of War 'Uber' Patch are included below.

Theatre of War "Uber" Patch Features:
Filesize: Approx. 1.25 GB
Date of Release: SOON!

New components

* Map Editor (Builder) with expanded functionality including landscape editing, roads and terrain type mapping capabilities;

* Mission Editor (updated with multiplayer missions editing capability and new triggers).

New campaigns

* Battle for Moscow (first released with patch, newly updated);

* Battle for Normandy (battles fought by German Panzer Division “Panzer Lehr”).

Multiplayer Enhancements

* 11 new MP missions;
* 11 new MP maps;
* New mission type – Assault/Defend;
* Timed missions;
* Multiplayer game may include AI controlled units;
* Multiplayer game may be played by one player with up to 7 computer opponents;
* In some missions player’s alliance determines their starting positions;
* Player now must choose an army instead of country in multiplayer; each mission may have up to 20 different armies;
* AIs choose offensive or defensive behavior themselves;
* Player spawn indicator added to map in mission setup;
* MP stability improved;
* Load times for MP missions reduced;
* Smooth unit movement on client side;
* Known multiplayer bugs fixed.

General changes

1. Visibility system redone: bushes, tree foliage and tree trunks now fully block line of sight. These obstacles do not count in very close proximity to units (“Forest ignore distance”), making hiding behind them possible;

2. LOS indicator added – color coding of the line which is drawn when player issues one of the attack orders. Solid green part of the line represent “Forest ignore distance” where foliage is ignored, red part represent zone with good visibility (it’s brightness may vary indicating quality of LOS) and black part shows area which selected unit can not see;

3. Difficulty levels changed: enemies suffer from reduced accuracy and penetration values on easy level, are equal to player units on medium difficulty level and have slightly higher accuracy on hard level;

4. Many missions were rebalanced to account for the new visibility system;

5. Reloading bug fixed, now infantry doesn’t kneel for reloading;

6. Coaxial MG fire error fixed (after main gun breakage);

7. Bug causing indestructible coaxial MGs fixed;

8. Aiming at moving target changed;

9. Detonation time calculations for shells with base fuses changed;

10. Secondary damage calculations (internal armor fragmentation, HEAT pressure wave, etc.) are now more accurate;

11. Errors in unit properties fixed;

12. Daimler Mk I size reduced, crew animations redone;

13. IS-2 crew consists of 4 men instead of 5;

14. Damage calculations changed for tank commander cupolas;

15. Ordinary steel instead of armored steel now used for unarmored vehicles like automobiles and for some auxiliary tank parts;

16. Artillery guns damage model corrected;

17. Damage model for additional armor sheets and auxiliary parts changed;

18. Errors in infantry backpacks fixed;

19. DShK machinegun model corrected;

20. Ignited vehicles now burn longer;

21. Aiming accuracy dependence on skills corrected;

22. Bug which could cause disappearing of units during campaign fixed;

23. Infantry behavior in trenches corrected;

24. Air units behavior has been improved;

25. AI units now better at aiming at different spots on vehicles;

26. Error when tanks could possibly crush friendly troops fixed;

27. Wrong behavior of Wz.34 armored car fixed (it no longer can crush trees);

28. More sounds added;

29. Unit behavior in Guard state improved;

30. Weather conditions and trenches affect visibility

In addition to all of the items above, this patch includes all the fixes from the original "Battle for Moscow Patch" which includes the following:

1. Many new hotkeys added for formations, Hold Fire and Hold Position commands;

2. Tank and SPG AI improved;

3. Units no longer stop when they receive a new order;

4. Waypoints added for units (hold 'shift' key when issuing movement orders to place waypoints);

5. Expanded sound system (hear sounds further away and louder in some cases) including Improved sounds;

6. Improvements to the gun towing process implemented;

7. Better handling of the Reverse command for vehicles. Tanks and halftracks now automatically use reverse while moving back for short distances;

8. Game speed acceleration/deceleration feature added (accessed via the "Change time speed" hotkey currently);

9. AI much better at deciding at which unit part of vehicle to aim at;

10. Quick Saves error fixed;

11. Tow setup now automatically detects best settings for user hardware;

12. Minor errors with crew animations fixed;

13. Improved logging functions to help with determining the causes of certain crashes;

14. General performance and stability improved;

15. Numerous other gameplay fixes.

Theatre of War - "Uber" Patch Map Editor Video

Your best friend, your worst enemy

Pajeú 12-05-2007 12:45 PM

New units...
Hi, people!
Can we have some pictures of new units available un this Ubber Patch? I heared tell of flame-thrower, new tanks and armored car...
I almost forget it: put pilots in the ghost planes!

DuxCorvan 12-06-2007 03:17 PM

Will this patch be compatible with the localized Spanish version -distributed here by Friendware? :confused:

GF_Mastiff 12-06-2007 06:42 PM


Originally Posted by DuxCorvan (Post 30382)
Will this patch be compatible with the localized Spanish version -distributed here by Friendware? :confused:

should post that at

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