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apache1357 08-25-2018 06:27 PM

Blitzkrieg and Cuban Missile Crisis

I was recently playing a couple of the older games,
the original blitzkrieg and also the Cuban missile crisis games.

I wanted to offer up a cheap idea that would generate a substantial amount of money.
The structures of these games (game engine, menus, etc) are already in place, so building off of them would be low cost.

My suggestion would be to take the Cuban missile crisis style game (strategic maps with tactical battles, units gaining experience,
unit upgrades, long campaigns, etc) and use the same structure of the game,
just tweak a few parts of it slightly to make it WWII or really any type of war you want it to be.

If you did WWII for example, all you would need to do is change out the cold war units with WWII units, and the cold war campaigns with WWII campaigns .

Essentially, 90% of the game is already built, you would just have to change cold war to world war two (or whatever war you prefer,
you could do orcs and dragons and warcraft for all that matters) and leave the game structure in place,
add a few improvements here and there and you've built a game which could successfully answer the original genius behind the blitzkrieg/sudden strike II market which has never successfully been done.

These older games were incredibly unique, and no one has successfully built off of them.
More modern games have better graphics but it is all on a much smaller scale (compare company of heroes and sudden strike II, it's not even close),
and none of them have a solid campaign if they have any campaign at all. Additionally, there is no such thing as a strategic map.

The scale, the strategic map, and the campaign length are all strong parts of the Cuban missile crisis game or nival's original blitzkrieg.
You have the tools for a great game, just update it.

I'm not saying you should build a new game from scratch, i'm suggesting you take the game I named off your shelf,
tweak and modify it for a couple months and sell it to answer a desire in the marketplace to have that type of game.
It's got the size of scale, the campaign structure, and the strategic map.
Just add wwii to it, and you will generate a good deal of profit on steam or off your the 1C website.

Hell, add dragons and orcs too it, or whatever you all prefer.
I'm just saying no one has built on this type of game successfully (blitzkrieg 3's scale is small, sudden strike 4 is also small scale, blitz 3 has a strategic map with no manoeuvrer element on it,
ss4's strategic map is the same but somehow worse, and I'm not even going to touch on the overall campaigns).

You've already got a great game structure built, tweak and modify that game structure and sell it on Steam.
You will find great success at low cost if you can bring back those components which were lost over the past 5 years or so.
People are waiting for a game like that and I think it's a great idea to look into.

Any thoughts from anyone else?
Add to the idea or tear it up,
I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts either way.

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