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Kamikaze 03-10-2011 07:49 PM

Main quest, screen turns black
After joining the Legion i was made to execute prisoners, then i got back to talk to there commanding officer, he tells me that i am to be sent off right away on a mission. When i am sent off, there is a loading screen which loads fine. Then where you would see the game screen you see nothing but Black screen. you can here the birds and jungle life sounds playing and the curser moves around the black screen fine , it is the pointing arrow type you get when your green circle one is not available. This game ran fine for me up until I got the sully bug where it would crash on the cut screen which i was able to get past with the "" fix I found on this forum. I was hopping anyone here found a way past this one or am i the onlyone with this problem?

Thank you

vista 32

4 gig ram

295 gtx

6600 dual core amd

Kamikaze 03-11-2011 04:33 AM

Update. I tryed reinstalling did nothing
I tryed just leaving it alone , thinking maybe somthing need time to load , after 10 mins i gave up on that idea.
I tryed going back in my saved game and geting to the same point in the game a little differntly ie.. not killing somone in town that i had done. still was stuck on black screen.
But once on the black screen again I was hitng the inv button "I" nope, then U for the skills nope. then i proceeded to smash all the keys on the board. ummm the cut sceen started to work. Ok i have no idea what button or buttons it was that got it to work , once i got pased it i saved it. game seems to be runing find again. Got no clue what that was all about. But smashing your keys seems to be a viable option though. :rolleyes:

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