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4.13.2 hotfix release
4.13.2 hotfix


- Fixed record in mission log about destroy winter models of mortar BM-82
- Fixed a record company of the KV-1S tank
- Fixed an error in the title character of a large number of regiments
- Fixed armored car PaII
- Change of ammunition for cannons Pak35 and Type94_37mm_JA: 37mm guns were wrong 76mm shells.
- Fix animations Ki-45 aircraft artificial horizon
- Fix t Japanese antiaircraft gun Japan 25mm / 60 Type 96 Model 1 Machine Gun Double Barrel
- Correction of the animation of the "bubble" level in the sight OPB-1 (IL-4, Pe-2, SB-2, R-5, CCC)
- Correction of synchronization equipment damage in the cockpit and navigator arrow aircraft R-5 and CCC
- Correction of aircraft cockpit CCC: Removed gun PV-1
- Correction animation turn and bank indicator in the cockpits of the R-5, P-5, CCC, I-16
- Fixed armament options on the R-5: (invisible wing machine guns disable)
- Change loadouts variant for R-5 and R-5 (Skis) added 2 loadouts with SABs. To improve compatibility with the patch 4.13RC04
- Added output to the log for more information about bots to dedicated server mode
- Fixes for distance visibility of certain elements of the external model aircraft He-111H6, He-111H11, He-111H12, He-111H16
- Corrections in the localization files for an international version of the game


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