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Beowolff 10-13-2011 11:43 PM

IL2 Free Modding
greetings fellow IL2 flyers!

i'd very much like to invite all of you over to our site, IL2 Free Modding.

we've been in operation for a small while, yet we've made a lot of progress, both with old mods and new mods, and the work continues with the wonderful help of many 'new' and learning modders from all over the world.

we're trying "HARD" to have a non-political, friendly, FREE for EVERYBODY site where both mod makers 'and' the general 'flying' public can drop in and hang out, or can use our mods, or make/offer mods of their complete freedom from other sites. we don't care about the past, we only care about the future of IL2 and the love of modding (and making and keeping both old and new friends from everywhere!)

we'd love to have you drop by.

some of our 'very' recent work there.

the Alpha release (public testing phase) of the F8A Crusader by Mario71:

the Beta release (late testing phase) of the Piper Enforcer by Free IL2 Team:

and of course we have 'dozens and dozens' of 'other' mods there, either finished or WIP's...

thank you for any friendly consideration, and hope to see some of you there soon. take care and 'enjoy' the game!



(Free IL2 Modding Admin)

Beowolff 10-14-2011 09:12 PM

more of our work, a late, late model Spitfire with powerful RR Griffon Engine and 'contra-rotating' propellors. very fast! by ton414

a F-51 Sea Horse (proposed Navy Mustang variant) and this has a special paint job and mounts 20mm cannon:

the regular Sea Horse with standard .50 caliber Brownings and folded wings preparing for carrier launch, by myself and the FM2 Team:

and of course, many more exciting mods and or new planes...


Bearcat 10-15-2011 02:30 AM

Nice!! Ids this THE B Dub?

Beowolff 10-17-2011 07:34 AM

we've got a new float skin pack available for the early model Wild Catfish float fighter... give's three choices, factory fresh or heavily worn, or back to original which is mapped to skin of plane.

the pack also includes 4.09/UP2.01 support file where previously the original model was 4.10/4.101 only.

Beowolff 10-21-2011 07:28 PM

Ki45 Perry/Army Type 95 (Stand-In type) plane by T E DesChene. Nicely done with much good detail. More information and download link at IL2 Free Modding. We hope to see much more of his nice work, very soon!


Beowolff 10-21-2011 07:36 PM

there's also an update to our F8A Crusader (Mario's nice project)... available. and this one now sports AGM12 rockets. the plane is still in beta mode, but it's coming along nicely. the AGM's are also a work in progress and still under development by me and S-3... there's a new and improved version link already available in the Crusader DL posting, and we hope to have a finalized version ready soon (along with additional AGM and Air to Air types.) PS, the new third party aircraft skin is from a nice pack by Batbomb...and available in our Skin/paint scheme section.

Beowolff 11-02-2011 06:17 PM

just a Free Modding WIP update on a few things we've got 'in the works.'


per our Viet Project, we've started work on SAM missiles... our first 'in game' test one is the below, NIKE. we've got it in game and working, and it's working well, but still lacks a TON of testing and final refinements. we hope to have it ready for general download soon. btw the 3D is by DM over at AAS, java and import by me at Free Modding.

the Vietnam War SA-2 is done in 3D, but still awaiting skinning and import into game... but it's looking good and we're very excited about it. S3's done a marvelous job on it.

btw... we always seem to have more model makers/game workers than skinners... if there's any skinners about that would like to give us a hand, we could use the help. right now we're awaiting skins of several planes and weapons, in particular my new Enforcer update is awaiting a skin for it's new mini-gun pod 3D. so if you skin and want to help... give us a shout over there.




Beowolff 11-03-2011 05:25 AM

flash update!

ton414 just finished and released an updated version of my Enforcer... a contra-rotating prop 'what-if' Navy version with tailhook and folding wings for naval/carrier duty!

he did a fine job with it, as Tiger did with the new naval/marine skins.

we'll have a new weapons update of this very soon.



HundertneunGustav 11-05-2011 07:03 PM

detailed credits to be found here,19470.0.html

Beowolff 11-05-2011 07:37 PM


Originally Posted by HundertneunGustav (Post 358417)

those are 'doctored' credits at that link... with a spin to make them "appear" different than they really are. even the download link is NOT "our" original DL link. so beware. we don't know what might have been changed from the original plane or work.

in fact, that link makes the entire download 'stolen.'

it's called 'spin doctoring'... the same as this fellow's post above is attempting.

what happened was one of the original FreeModding team workers pulled out before release then 'after' release tried to make it 'appear' as if we had used his work without permission when in fact we had his COMPLETE permission to use the work he did (along with the work WE did.) and we have ironclad proof of his permission. nuff said.

i do hope that the good moderators here will not allow the flames and nasty business from the hate threads over there spill into this nice place.



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