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Zhuangzi 11-04-2008 07:28 AM

Impossible Warrior challenge
Okay, okay, so I'm starting my FOURTH game of King's Bounty. :rolleyes:

I decided it would have to be Impossible Warrior, which is a change for me because I haven't played the Warrior since the demo. So I am looking for a few hints. :)

I thought that one of the reasons why MajorS did so terrifically well with his Impossible Mage game was because he had the bright idea of saving the Sprites/Lake Fairies you get after the trials and build the stacks up later using Sacrifice. This meant for him that he could start dominating the game as soon as he got Anga's Ring, which is quite early in the game. Great idea, wish I'd thought of it.

But the Warrior doesn't get Sprites and Lake Fairies! He gets crappy Bears, Bowmen and Swordsmen. Yet another reason why Mages are better. :-P So I am disappointed.

In actual fact I started two Impossible Warrior games to see which items I liked the look of better. Game 1 has the 'Sword of Equilibrium' which can be upgraded to Sword of Light later. This looks nice, it gives +5 attack and costs 32,000 gold. Anyone know what Sword of Light gives, and how hard this upgrade fight is? Game 2 has the 'Gladiator Sword' which costs 50,000 gold and gives +4 attack, 15 rage and 10 Might runes after 50 victories. On the face of it, the Gladiator Sword looks slightly better, even though it's more expensive, but presumably the Sword of Light will be very nice later. So I don't know which game to go with...

Any advice on this, and general advice on how to play the Warrior at the higher difficulty levels will be much appreciated! :cool:

sector24 11-04-2008 01:23 PM

From the favorite items thread:

Sword of Light
+5 Att (+10 during daytime combat)
-20% def of undead and demon

The sword of equilibrium's morale goes up when you fight demons and undead, down when you fight humans and elves. It changes when the morale hits 100 or 0. I don't know what the stats on the sword of darkness are. Personally I'd go with the Gladiator sword because you don't have to worry about using it only against certain types of enemies.

As for a Warrior build, I don't know a whole lot about it, but I'd imagine that you want to put all your early runes towards increasing the experience for your spirits of rage, then the warrior specific talent that generates more rage, then the +rage skill. After all that, get tactics, 1 point of frenzy, 1 point of onslaught (maybe more) and nighttime operations.

In the mind tree the only thing you would want is 1 point of scouting and glory and 2 points in reserve. I think you can skip trading unless you really feel like you're going to be strapped for cash.

For the magic tree, you want distortion 3 as soon as possible. Chaos 1 after you find sacrifice, and then order or concentration.

If score is important to you, get Reserve 2 before you go to the Islands of Freedom. Drag extra Royal Snakes and Inquisitors with you and leave them in the first castle. That way you don't have to go back to Darion for reinforcements.

This is probably all stuff you already know though. Let us know how it goes! :grin:

Zhuangzi 11-04-2008 01:53 PM

Thanks for that, sector. :)

I decided to go for the game with the Gladiator Sword. I figured that the attack modifier isn't that important per se, and that I'd rather have a combination of attack/rage/might runes.

My strategy was to get the ragebox ASAP and to leave as many enemies as possible until then. I got the Ring of Intellect level 2 which adds 3 Intellect permanently, which I was happy with. I got the ragebox at level 3 and then scoured Darion for everything I could pick up + fed ex type quests. After doing this I was level 5 and the fights in Greenwort were absurdly easy. I think I went 20 or so fights without a single loss.

Incidentally, it occurs to me that a 'No losses Warrior' game would be virtually impossible, wouldn't it? The Warrior gets no spells at all at the beginning, i.e. no Resurrection.

Now the fights are getting a bit harder and I'm losing a few troops. I lost all but one of my Horsemen eventually (keeping this one for Sacrifice later), but I've got plenty of Knights. I haven't used them much before but their Circle Attack is very strong.

Currently my team is Knights, Royal Snakes, Swordsmen and Inquisitors. I know, only four. I am finding that Inquisitors are much more useful for a Warrior, due to their ability to add rage.

I agree that Distortion 3 will be an early priority. I won't bother about Chaos, because they are all offensive spells. I feel helpless without my spellbook. :eek: I put one point into Scouting and one into Experience (10% more, nice early in the game) but I won't bother much more with the Mind tree. I will have to max everything in Might though.

By level 6 I had saved up the 50,000 gold I needed for the Gladiator Sword, so now I've got that. 39 fights until I get my Might runes. And it's only day 3.

The great thing about this game is the variation, both due to the random items and the MASSSIVE differences between the three classes. Really, it's like a different game, the difference between Warrior and Mage. :cool:

sector24 11-04-2008 02:56 PM

My class 2 ring of intellect gave me 3 mana instead of 3 intellect. I was very disappointed.

Calinda 11-04-2008 06:58 PM

Why, no loses with warrior is pretty possible, just drag inquisitors with yourself all the time. As you said, besides the resurrection, they generate rage with the holy anger. Rage can be turned into mana via the chargers skill of Lina. Until you get Lina you can recharge your mana by using Magic Spring and eventually Target, depends on situation. Target spell is one of the most important ones for warrior. It has short duration but you can extend it by cating it after the target unit has moved if the situation allows it, and waiting it when the last turn of it is about to expire.
Besides inquisitors I like to drag archmages with me all the time, mainly for their shield spell which is very important for your tank in the hard battles. Lvl 3 stoneskin + shield from mages and your tank wil barely suffer any physical damage at all.
When you are tanking ranged units consider leaving your tank in the back line so the enemy suffer from range penalty.

BlackVegetable 11-04-2008 09:56 PM

Sword of Darkness if I remember correctly gives the +5 attack (+10 in nighttime) but I *think* gives the -20% defense to humans/elves. Not certain though as I don't really remember for sure.

Zhuangzi 11-04-2008 09:58 PM

I haven't really used Target before but I will learn for this game. I suppose the Inquisitors can resurrect too, but it doesn't seem like they can do so in large enough numbers early in the game. Basically, I haven't learned the knack of 'no losses.' I seldom lose very much at all, but I will often lose a couple of Swordsmen or a Royal Snake here and there.

Calinda 11-05-2008 07:19 AM

Just sneak around and steal a couple of banners early on and you can wipe most of the stacks without any loses. I usually go for archers/archmages/priests/inquisitors + horsemen (sneak into the knight's tent). Horsemen tank very well, you can do it with swordsmen/guards instead but it is harder so why bother.

And about Target - there is more in it than what meets the eye, as it also prevents the use of special abilities if you play it properly. I.e. if an unit is in the Target's range for its normal attack, it will use it and won't use the special abilities. Also be careful when you block the basic attack of some ranged units, cause they can turn to specials then.

calmon 11-05-2008 11:08 AM


Originally Posted by sector24 (Post 57582)
My class 2 ring of intellect gave me 3 mana instead of 3 intellect. I was very disappointed.

But you still get the 3 permanent intellect which makes them as one of the best items.

Zhuangzi 11-05-2008 11:39 AM


Originally Posted by calmon (Post 57646)
But you still get the 3 permanent intellect which makes them as one of the best items.

What happens sector is that equipping that ring gives 3 intellect, but when you use it you get the 3 intellect permanently, so it won't appear to have changed. Still with me? And now you've got the level 1 ring, which gives 3 mana. You can sell that and you've still got the 3 intellect. :cool:

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