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raknefne 08-20-2016 04:36 PM

HYLFIRE: New huge mod for WoTN - Ice'n Fire
By Terroin and Rakne Fne

We have worked at least a year to polish this huge mod for the Kings Bounty game: Warriors of the North -Ice’n Fire expansion.
It’s a mod with big replay value due to the amount of new random stuff, units, items, spells and a lot of exciting choices to make in the beginning of the game. A whole new gameplay experience awaits! It is a lot harder than normal WoTn.
The most changes regarding creatures/maps are until Greenwort, keep that in mind.

-Fewer undead enemies and they are more randomized!

-Low level creatures are more interesting and can give a bonus after battle. To manage gold you are forced also to use cheaper units.

-There are only a few skills in the 3 skill trees from the start. You will have to earn the right to develop on a skill: Acrimaldo the mentor teaches you new skills when you level up. Generally you will have to earn things in this mod - for instance management of Gold income which is much different from a normal Kings Bounty game.

-Big replay value: Random buildings, different luck with Acrimaldo and skills, choosing an alliance, choosing a companion and 15 hero types to choose between contribute to a great game experience each time you play (still 3 main but 5 sub heroes).

-early game you’ll find a companion that will follow you to the end. It grows in stats according to hero level. It is like an extra stack, but only with 1 unit in it. It grows in Health, Attack, Defense etc.

-Fewer Undead Enemies and fewer crashes than a normal WoTn game.

... and much more!

- - -

Allan Hylbaek (Terroin): Main modder and new ideas.
Uffe Bonde Eriksen (RakneFne): Main tester, new items and spells. In the past, he made many maps for Heroes of Might of Magic 4 - like “The Hundred Years War” campaign.

Download the latest version 1.21:

Info on patch 1.21, see

raknefne 08-24-2016 12:27 PM

Pictures from the mod
5 Attachment(s)
Each hero type has 5 sub heroes with different spells and charistica. For instance the Blacksmith can develop on his skill to
summon an extra stack of items like the Iron Ball, Barrier, Gryphon Statue that can summon Ghostgriffins or a Cannon.
He has a special spell that can place Bombs on the battlefield. It cost around 1000 crystals for other heroes to learn, so if
other hero types find this scroll they will sell it or use it to cast.
In these photo examples I choose a Berserker Hero. He has extra Critical chance for his troops and regenerates Rage faster.

Attachment 15293

You also see gold is less... but you can get interests from savings in a Guild/Bank, or get other rewards after battle etc.

As you see, not all skills are active, I have to earn the right to develope them. I do that when I level up and choose between random skills.
You will also find a companion on Nordlig Island. In this case I have chosen The Stranded Whale which can be seen next to Acrimaldo in the top of the photo:

Attachment 15294

The Whale is stationairy, but it can summon Devilfish, taunt and teleport a short distance.

Attachment 15295

I have chosen to have a stack of Devilfish in my army. I can carry 214 with my leadership, but I only choose to carry 107, since they one time can double in numbers, and I keep the remains! On their next turn they get a random new skill (taunt, give turn, haste or summon small amount of other fish). This way I have a supply of free units. When do you use Devilfish as level 33 in a normal game??

Attachment 15296

There're are new skills, one of them are Guarding, which gives extra Defense to units that passes their turn by using the Defend button.
Attachment 15297

Metathron 08-24-2016 12:47 PM

Wow, this sounds promising. Thanks for putting in all the work, I'll give it a go sometime.

raknefne 08-26-2016 02:11 PM

More game photos
2 Attachment(s)
A few things are changed in the starting town on Nordlig: At top left corner there's a boat you can take after defeating the guards. Also Runolv's cabin is moved within town to make questing easier. The quest with the drunkards is moved inside the town too, to avoid too much horseriding. At the bottom there's a new building, a Guild where you can save gold and earn interest.

Attachment 15299

New creatures: First of all I'm fighting Necro Lizard on Nordlig. At the top in my army, I have a stack of 4 Air Elementals and 4 Fire Elementals. The Fire Elementals have casted the vulcano that hits random targets. Peasants are now green and are called Gardners - they can plant plants and heal them. Below also a new creature, Cudly Abonimation, that casts spells etc., the Fire Spider at the bottom makes fireshots and has a fire aura. In front of the Gardners, there is a big fly, its my companion, the Royal Dragonfly. The companion will always have 1 in stack but grows in stats. At last there is a reddish ghost in the middle. It is a level 3 ghost which we have turned a little red, so it is easier to see the difference between level 2 and 3. An undead troop can be summoned each battle, because I have chosen to be a Soul Wanderer Hero, and I can develop a skill that gives different undead summonings in battle depending on the skill level.

Attachment 15300

At the top left corner there's also a red ghost - instead of Olaf. Each hero type have a different "Olaf". As Soul Wanderer it is a ghost, the Blacksmith has a Miner etc. These chars also do the animation when using Rage Skills, not Olaf. So yes, it is a huge mod, a lot has been modded!

eucrysty 08-27-2016 10:04 AM

the mod is great but like i said the skill system after getting a new level is not that great .at least it could force to be rewarded with at least 1 skill from your main specialization .mages shoud recieve at least 1 from magic , warmonger from might etc .You're excited to level up just to realize you get a useless skill not to mention that in the worst case NOT even one skill , it happened once for me :) Acrimaldo just says no skills this time for you :)

raknefne 08-27-2016 10:27 AM

That has been my thoughts too, not sure if it is possible to mod - in an earlier test version, we had double chance for the Magic School you are "specialized" in, for the Ice Mage it was Rune Magi etc., but we ran into problems and had to delete it. But I'll hand it over to the main modder, Terroin. This could be a thing to look on in a patch. On the skills ATTACK and DEFENSE in the Might Skill Tree, we added 10 Rage/Mana, partly because we never chose those skills and also to spread out the option to get Mana/Rage so it isn't depended on a few skills only.
On the other hand you have a chance to get something strong, like Higher Magic that you normally will take some time to develop. The idea was to make the mod as random as possible, like a "gamblers mod". Ofc that also has it downsides. I'm not a guy that plays any game to the end, it's rare, and with Hylfire I have started many heroes, and still do. My steam account says I have played 1.600 hours of WoTn !!

We are already working on a new mod, with a new world/campaign. In this you can build buildings, one building can develop the 4 magic schools which you then can buy for a price. Another building some other elementary stuff, like Rage Control etc. - together with the Acrimaldo reward system after battle. It's a Heroes of Might and Magic inspired mod. We are using what we have already modded with Companions, Acrimaldo, Items, Spells. The main modder, Terroin, has an extreme creativity regarding new mod ideas.

How are you thoughts about the tax system? Our tester was not so keen about it. My thoughts are 10% instead of 25%, but it is debatable, some like it, some don't, I guess. We wanted to make a mod where you really have to think about your gold, not just having so much you buy everything. This way you get more happy when you find an item for free or craft one yourself. Hylfire is a lot about managing your income, sometimes I use eggs or cheap stuff instead of buying expensive creatures, just to save money.

Hint: Try saving 100k in the Guild before entering Greenwort...

eucrysty 08-27-2016 12:06 PM

the tax system i don t like AT ALL .since i play on impossible i can't afford anything never have money on impossible on WOTN normal game , but with this tax and with lowered modified income reward after battle is .right now i only have 10 000 gold , lvl 8 with 3 empty islands .i did not afford any item from comerciants ,just what i picked from chests or quest rewards,and as a mage you need items to destroy to get crystals , items costs :) not to mention if i get bored with my current army and i want to change to different types ....well i can t afford :)so is not in the spririt of the mod after all because you are forced to play with the same troops over and over because you don t have money to afford others. ps i have 10 000 gold on a 98% no loss game so the situation is really sad , only lost 3-4 creatures ,so no expenses were made on troops or anything else

raknefne 08-27-2016 04:03 PM

Thx for reply. We made Impossible level more extreme, in the starting menu it says "Impossible Level is only for players who have played Hylfire before", since you get more experienced how to save gold after a playthrough. For instance having a Miner in the Reserve for troop talk - gives gold... In the earlier test games, the current Hard Difficulty was actually the Impossible level, but made a more extreme level, survival level. So Hard level is a good level to play for hardcore's the first time they play.

It is very different how difficult it is to get gold from game to game. When that is said, I do think we in a patch need to cancel tax. Different ways to get gold:

1. Develop the skill Economist (up to 100k gold and 6% after battle).
2. Having a Miner, Pirate, Robber or Maurauder in the army/Reserve for troop talk gives 1000-1500 gold pr hero level in the Acrimaldo's Troop Talk.
3. Use the Guild for interests. Especially early on to start earning interests!!
4. Different items with gold in it.
5. In the beginning using eggs and cheap units and save in the Guild. For instance Devilfish can be doubled in fight and the remainings kept in the Reserve, when having Devilfish you have free units. Thorns are rather cheap, and can be turned into Royal Thorns in the Troop talk. 1 Slinger can give the skill Quickdraw in trooptalk along with +1 Attack. Etc. If interested, I can put a list what trooptalk can give...
6. Get the free units on Vestlig.
7. Donate to Christa for extra gold after battle.
8. If possible, buy items that gives extra gold after battle.

eucrysty 08-27-2016 08:25 PM

1 Attachment(s)
i found a bug in the cellar in Fastland where you find Ulrika ,there are 2 spider enemies in there ,whatever i attack it not loading , you know when entering battle the medalion fills up loading and battle starts... with these two enemies it does not . i`ll attach my savegame

raknefne 08-28-2016 08:21 AM

Can you remember if it was bugged in normal WoTn? I never went in the cellar in the normal WoTn, so can't remember.

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