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planetalcatraz 11-23-2009 01:30 AM

Hints & Tips
After doing some research in the game, I found something interest (correct me if I'm wrong, and sorry for my English)

Set the constitution as highest as possible. Every level, character's hit points will be added by (Constitution - 1). So, if we have 5 in constitution, then (5-1=4) will be added to the max hit points for each level. The bigger hit points, the more likely, the character will survive in the game.
I set constitution to 9, and get the perk bull, so the cons become 10. With this, my character will become a human tank, never need a food or first aid in every mission (except the last mission), so I'm getting rich for selling all the food & first aid kit.

Set the intelligence to 9. every new level, character's skill point will be added by +4 (if Int.Range between 1-5), or +5 (6-7), +6 (8-9). With botanist perk, the skill point will be added by 3 more for each level.
Say if we have 5 int., then 5+4 (+3 if have a botanist perk) = +12 skill point for each level.
if we have 7 int., then 7+5 (+3 if have botanist) = +15 skill point for each level.

I don't need perception, since I always fight in the front line with great armor & great weapon like chucundra shotgun (can be set to burst mode) or kain machine gun. Only sniper's like need high perception. I set this skill to 1. The idea of knowing the enemy location is not necessary for me.

With charisma only 1, I can get all the team member and survived the game. I haven't try playing the game with high charisma.

I set the Strength to 9, and the rest to agility (6, as I remember).

Remember the game will provide Main Skill upgrade, after you reach StoneGuard. After you want to get Demon (the last member of a team).
But the price is really high, 1.000.000 for each upgrade. Each main skill can be upgraded just once.

Don't set trade skill more than 150, it is wasted.
The buying & selling rate doesn't change after 150 point in trade skill.
With 150 point in trade skill, we have a buying & selling price at a same rate.

So before each mission, we can prepare by buying all the latest armor & weapon at a market place and consider it as a "borrow".
After the mission, we can sell it back to the trader, and receive the money which is the same with the money we spent (don't forget to repair it first, and load it with ammo).

How to get high trade skill in the beginning of the game. When setting up the character, choose trade skill as a favorable skill, to get higher trade skill.
In the game, set thief skill to 50, steal all the people & lock pick all the chest (but not all the chest will be available to pick), to gain exp. more quickly. after get enough free skill points, set trade skill to 132 (assuming you have 9 in intelligence), and before we leave the industrial zone, sell all the item left. In the northen city, we can learn trade skill from the master in the market place. He can add our trade skill by 18 (if we have 9 in intelligence & botanist perk) for only 25.000 (hope you get this amount in industrial zone by stealing every one & sell all the item when you have 132 trade skill)

In industrial zone, don't rush to sell the item, safe all the item in the available chest before we sell it, because some item will be needed for the mission, and the rest we sell it when we have 132 in trade skill (to get more money). I use building beside main office, there is 3 cupboard downstair & 5 upstair. (don't use the chest in shooting area, after a mission, it will be lock forever)

to be continued...

planetalcatraz 11-23-2009 04:23 AM

Which member on a team that I want to be my repair man
Kruger has a higher starting repair skill than the other (49). So better add 51 skill point more to Kruger than the other (find a master to learn a repair skill, so we can add free skill point less then 51 to kruger depending his intelligence).
The complex item such as Full T Jacket or Machine gun only need 100 in repair skill, so there is no need to set more than 100 in repair skill.

planetalcatraz 11-23-2009 04:30 AM

When the right time to do the sub quest?
For me, better have a completed team first, then do the sub quest. Four people in a team can make mission easier, especially when you get minimum 1 full T jacket, it's very strong armor (like ironman or robocop in the movie).
Some mission, like thief in the warehouse, next to Blacky's office, is not available after we are advance in a main quest. so better to start(initiate & display on a log) all the sub quest, before you followed the main quest. sub quest can be found when talking to NPC (yellow dot on a map).
To get all member's team, follow blacky's quest & finish all human encounter on a global map (no need to finish non-human encounter).

planetalcatraz 11-26-2009 04:44 AM

Simple way to get money
Just found out recently... hope this help your financial problem in the game...

One member in a team must have 150 in trade skill to achieve maximum benefit.
Goto market place in northen city. Trade with Martha (the only one who sell modified weapon).

1. Buy pipe rifle (we call it PR from now) or heavy pipe rifle (HPR). Buy a telescope (T). The weapon's price is always random, try to get 18.026 for PR or 162.062 for HPR. Telescope's price is always 44.999.
You spent 63.025 for PR & T or 207.061 for HPR & T.
(Note: re-load saved game, if you don't get that price).

2. Attach the telescope to the weapon (PR or HPR) and sell it back to get 108.026 for PR-T or 252.062 for HPR-T.

3. Notice, that you will get 45.000 instantly.

4. Save game & reload it, to reset item on Martha. if you want to reach some amount for your money, repeat this, go back to number 1.

10 times doing this, you will get 450.000 (almost half million)
20 times doing this, you will get 900.000 (almost one million)

So you don't have to collect all cheap item in the game such as mushroom, pitchfork, clothes, pants, axe, knife, and others for money.

I can't get more than 45.000 for other item, if you found profit more than 45k for other item, please let me know. Thanks.

planetalcatraz 11-28-2009 02:01 AM

I need the best weapon, where is it, & how to get it
Just found out recently, I play this game for the second time, I used Terminator grenade launcher (get that from Abandon mined, after get demon), which have 6 loaded 30mm grenade, so it doesn't need so much time to kill someone.

Anytime, anywhere... when you look at on someone, you can kill it, by throwing a grenade beside him (not in purpose to kill him, make it accidentally). And the you can loot his weapon & armor. (kill someone who is can't talk with you, for safety). you can try to steal the person first, to look what is he/she carrying.
If the character is so important to the game, don't worry, the game will end immediately, and you know, you can't kill it. just re-load the saved game.

Warning: I didn't know whether this will give the negative effect to the game... I mean for example, the game will give an error message, if the character we killed is needed by the game.

So about the best weapon....
After arrive on cannibal village, when we want to get kruger.... (better get kruger first, the third team member).
There is four people on the entrance of village cannibal, far behind the ELDER, beside two tower, on a fire place.
They all carry ACHTUNG MACHINE GUN. very powerfull weapon which only available on nearly end of the game, and there is no trader who sell this kind of weapon. unfortunately, it is required min.STR:8, and there is no trader sell this kind of ammo (14mm). So use it wisely.

In a cannibal village, there is about 7-8 people carry Kain Machine Gun (you can get only 1 on Abandon mined), and 1 people carry Shaitan Bazooka (you can get only 1 on Tobacco Plantation mission).
I think, Kain Machine Gun is really useful, get it, to make your life easier. Many trader sell 9mm ammo for Kain Machine Gun, so don't worry about the ammo.

Skuff 11-30-2009 03:43 PM

Thanks for all this info its been a huge help :D keep up the great work !

planetalcatraz 12-02-2009 12:44 AM

First Aid Skill
Don't set this skill more than 200, it is wasted.
The healing rate doesn't change after 200 point in first aid skill.
with 200 point, we can get the maximum benefit for each first aid kit (small or big).

planetalcatraz 12-02-2009 12:51 AM

If the overseer is really annoying, just kill it by using terrorist mask, so the game will not end when we are killing the overseer. But I can't kill overseer in the market place.

We can get OGRE SHOTGUN & MAD BULL PISTOL from the overseer, but we can not loot their armor. Be careful, the overseer is very strong.

planetalcatraz 12-02-2009 01:05 AM

Better get all the team member, before doing skill upgrade from the coaches, or the other member will lose the chance to upgrade their skill.

Except for trade skill, thief skill, & repair skill. these skill are consider as a party skill, meaning, the game will looking one member in the team who has the highest point.

When we increase our skill, the skill will require 1 free skill point for every point in the skill, up to 100. after that the skill will require 2 free skill point for every point in the skill.
So before going to coaches, better upgrade all the character up to 100.
The coaches will give 2xINT increasing.

That means, if I have 9 in INT. I will receive 18 points from the coaches. If I already have 100 in the skill. I will get 118 in the skill. 18 which need 36 free skill point normally.
If I only have 50 in the skill, the coaches will add 18 to 50, that will be 68. which only need 18 free skill point normally. I hope you understand. sorry for my english.

str 02-05-2010 08:45 PM

If I get all 200 in trading , Is it still not possible to buy something from one merchant and sell it to another with higher price ?

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