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dimlee 02-15-2018 07:38 PM

Iron Cross/Red Star new volume in 2018 (hopefully)
About 15 years ago I have discovered books of Christer Bergrstrom and purchased some of them: volumes 2 and 3 of "Iron Cross/Red Star" (IC/RS) and "Griff and Grislawsky". Searched for vol.1 of IC/RS but prices were exorbitant $500 or higher. Luckily managed to borrow from another guy and to read.

I liked IC/RS series but found them outdated eventually as new information about Eastern Front was made public. Recently I searched for Bergstrom online and discovered this:
IC/RS volume 4 will be (probably) published if the author manage to crowdfund the project.

Hope it is of interest for Bergstrom's readers and for anyone who is interested in WWII air war history.

Disclosure: I am not associated with the author/publishers.

Jumoschwanz 02-17-2018 12:41 AM

I have one of the old volumes, I can not remember if it is #1 or #2, I have not looked at it for years. It will be interesting to see if another volume comes out.....

Marabekm 02-17-2018 04:59 PM

I got the first two volumes of his Mediterranean Air War books. Would relay like to get the black cross/red star ones.

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