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stugumby 02-04-2017 06:40 PM

414 wish list
just some of my random thoughts

early model beaufighter with rockets and torpedo/bomb options, RAF not RAAF version for early desert and later coastal command action

Rockets for the FM-2, and late 1944 versions of mustang and thunderbolts, and revised bomb loads as needed for SBD TBF etc.

RS 132 rockets for the I-16 and RS 82 repainted to black or olive colors. U2 flares added back in to allow older missions to remain compatable.

Flyable swordfish with some type of depth charge simulation

Hurricane with 40mm guns and tropical filters on hurricanes on desert maps

maps of any kind, or a drop in map pack similar to CUP/BAT method that has the static objects needed in a handy format.

Flyable Su-2 and Tu-2

Flyable bf109/mistle combination

Up to date cockpit guide with R-5 and CCC and U-2 pits explained, still dont know how to use U-2 bomb sight, not much on it on the web.

Keep existing load outs to ensure backwards compatability, add to, but dont take away.

Ship pack 2 imported into game

Ground objects for airfields, bomb trolleys, british trucks of any kind etc

Music 02-05-2017 05:24 AM

Gun Cam Tracers, 50 cal are impossible to see, (though the New p-40 seems to have a bit more red in the stream?)

that's all, everything is fine, just need to be able to see where my bullets are going when firing at aircraft.

76.IAP-Blackbird 02-05-2017 10:35 AM

Guys, calm a bit down with the wishes, DT is a handfull of good guys with the intention to keep il2 1946 alive.

And they have a plan...

I`m a developer too, for a different flightsim and all i hate is, when you present a new "product" Some in the crowd start to whine for "more" stuff, and different stuff...

So expect you come home with a good result in an exam, and your parents **** you up, why aren`t you better in this or that, or want more and better results...
It will stop your motivation and you will start to think "F*ck you!"

Thats not what DT is thinking, but lets keep the wishes low and the motivation for the Devs high! Thats all you should do, be thankfull for their free time they are investing into this project!

Janosch 02-10-2017 12:50 PM

- The ability to turn off tracers. When I'm firing .50 cals I always fear that they give away my position.
- There are some dogfight maps with unnamed towns and villages. For immersion, they could be named, e.g. Elysium, Janoschgrad, Abba and so on.
- When working on a project for free, motivation must come from within, not from outside sources. That way, nobody can really take that motivation away from you
- If possible at all, better compatibility for .ntrk files made with earlier game versions.
- Lippisch P.13a

Verdun1916 02-11-2017 02:38 AM

Well knowing what we have to look forwards to in the future: the Channel Map, the D.520, the He-177 Greif, The Ju 52, the C47 and variants and possibly some more BoB related aircraft like the Spitfire Mk.I or Mk.IB and maybe more, the wait for the next update will be both exciting and restless hahaha

I especially look forward to the D.520 for many years! Always hoped it would be added! And the Channel Map of course! :grin:

Well TD, you guys are IL-2 1946 heroes in my book! You do amazing work! And I can only tell you that I love 4.13.3m! The Beutepanzers and the French tanks were both appreciated and needed! And the Bf-110's are my new love interests in the game haha! And the U2 is preddty darn cool and fun to play around with!

If 4.13.4 or 4.14 will be the next update, or what ever it will be called, I know it will be worth the wait! :grin::grin: Two weeks, right guys? ;)

ddr 02-11-2017 07:14 AM

Hello, and THANK YOU VERY MUCH again TD for your great and appreciated work!!
maybe possible in a future fix/pach to clean some descriptions in "objects - aircraft" section? B-24D, Ju88 A1, A4torp, A5, A5late, A6, A17, SB M103 96 and 103A are void (only the plane picture - I think can be deleted, because there are description for similar types), and we lost P-40E, E M105 and M description (related to the old P-40)

310thDiablo 02-11-2017 07:25 PM

I would love to see the 50 cal loadout to be API-api-api-api-apit

Bouma004 02-12-2017 12:59 PM

Triggers can reborn the IL2 ?
I think that the Triggers added to HSFX 7.0.2 and 7.0.3 must be added to the vanilla game. It's a great improvement for FMB and adds huge possibilities to mission makers.

manual :!AutwPlOKpNiE7n3vdQWQqu_-baJb

Keep going guys you're doing great work !

iMattheush 02-13-2017 06:01 AM

1536x1536/2048x2048 texture support :)

Pursuivant 02-13-2017 07:34 AM


Originally Posted by 310thDiablo (Post 715288)
I would love to see the 50 cal loadout to be API-api-api-api-apit

Player-controllable ammo loadouts would the be ideal solution, and might be possible given the game's limits.

Even better would be custom loadouts with options for historically realistic loadouts which either prevents the player from using custom loadouts, limits custom loadouts below a certain rank in the campaign, and/or limits availability of certain types of ammo which were historically in short supply (e.g., minengeschoss).

Loadouts could and did vary depending on local supply conditions, tactical doctrine, and intended mission.

For example, some squadrons (and air forces) only used tracer at the end of ammo belts to indicate that the shooter was low on ammo (this was quickly determined to be a bad idea, since it also told the enemy you were low on ammo). Other squadrons discarded tracer ammo altogether and just used a mixture of API and AP.

Another thing that needs to be added is the option of plain "ball" ammo for MG. That is, no HE, AP, API, Incendiary, or Tracer effects. This ammo was often used by AAA MG which also doubled as anti-personnel weapons, and occasionally by air units which were low on supply or which primarily were hunting unarmored ground targets.

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