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bukimi 09-23-2010 12:14 PM

Fighting dragons tips
I wonder how to fight dragons to avoid heavy losses.

They seem to run directly to the weak shoothing units and kill lots of beholders, inquisitors or whatever is the weakest unit.
Before they can be stopped they really do a lot of damage and my units also cannot shoot :mad:

I already have necklace from dragon teeth.
I think I dont have any more helpful artifacts in my current gameplay.

What units should I take?
I thought of temporarily fighting with only 2 stacks of demons if I find some or call Archdemons with scroll.
They deal physical damage and are resistant to fire at the same time...

Will be grateful for hints :)

Zechnophobe 09-23-2010 11:43 PM

Fight Fire with Fire. Take the Montero Dragon Castle fight, if you get some fire resist gear, stone skin, and the heal spell, you can kill all the dragons there with just a stack of red, and a stack of green.

Alternatively, know when to put your archers away. Yes, inquisitors and Beholders will get mauled by them, and do little damage back due to dragons being magic resistant as well. Put them in reserve.

Units that do poison damage do full damage to all dragons, especially effective against black dragons. Cast plague and/or helplessness to make the dragons far easier to damage. Plague can even be cast on black dragons.

Petwin 09-24-2010 12:21 AM

Archdemons with stoneskin will do serious damage to dragons, without receiving much. But since they can't be healed, they can act as main damage dealer, not as tank. You'll need a different stack (green or red dragons will do fine) to take the punches.

kcwong 09-24-2010 01:38 AM

You need to distract the dragons with summoned troops. Dragons are likely to attack a stack right next to them instead of your real troops (except when they can use their special abilities). Slow III will help green/red/bone dragons to make up their minds.

You can also get familiar with their attack patterns, line up your cannon fodder/tanks as bait and give them a Trap to step on.

bukimi 09-24-2010 10:16 AM

Unfortunately I don't have summoning units to hire.
No demonologists on any island.
Thorns are no good for dragons ;)

Is it profitable to cast summoning spell or is it better to cast damaging spells?

Knights have bonus against dragons. Are they really effective? I have resurrection spell or can accept losses.

Demons can be resurrected with resurrection spell, right? Maybe some executioners or demons will be also a good idea then?

I have access to 3 "call colossus" spells (1 already+2 in near shops) so can adjust my stack for these battles...

ludak021 10-15-2010 03:50 PM

do you have phantom spell? Phantomed units are good and are like you casted target on them :) Demons or executioners are also good, 50% fire resistance, furious, cast divine armor and dragon slayer on the stack, cast that pentagram of theirs and watch the magic happen :)

btw if you don't use phantom and bring archers of any kind to fight dragons, you can pretty much say good bye to them unless you are going to waste all your casting on trying to save them/protect them/ress them etc. I wouldn't bring any. Well, depends what kind and how much dragons are you going against, if you are going to fight lots of other stacks and there are couple of dragons there, than I don't see a big issue, phantom some unit (other than archers unless archers are going to play before dragons, which is unlikely) so that dragons would target it instead of archers, cast dragon slayer on your tank that is going to be killing them, if you don't have dragon slayer spell, cast helpnessnes on dragons (unles they are black ones, you can use plague on black ones, if you use demons, demons are not affected by plague)

bukimi 10-19-2010 09:31 PM

I want to get access to hiring dragons on Montero.

To do it, I have to clean a cave with lots of dragons.
There are 5 stacks of 10-20 dragons of different kinds (black, red and emerald green)
Even stoneskinned red dragons (80% fire res) lose almost half of hp from one black dragons' hit :(

I do not know what units I can bring to defeat them.
I do not have dragon slayer spell and did not find any to buy. (yet)
My current leadership is 7500. Impossible mage + losses acceptable.

Maybe I am trying much too early??

Petwin 10-20-2010 11:50 AM

Equip yourself with items that raise your fire resistance. Red Dragons and Archdemons (with divine armor) will have 95% fire resistance in no time. Complete your army with 2 stacks of Repair droids to sacrifice (and repair) in case you lose an Archdemon (can't be healed). Your fifth stack can be Green Dragons to leech some mana.

bukimi 10-20-2010 12:03 PM

I thought that divine armor does not add its resistance to basic resistance of a unit.
That is, if a unit has greater resistance than given by spell (like 80% fire res of red dragons) it will gain nothing. (only other resistances)

I will try this strategy later on.
Now I am clearing other islands to get 8000 leadership and change my current 2 red dragons into 4 red dragons :)
Lucky I already got sacrifice spell.

I am also thinking about taking some useless units, let them get killed and kill half of enemy stacks with evlin spell...

Thanks for the advice!

ludak021 10-20-2010 02:10 PM

Divine Armor, or God Armor, as the game makers keep calling it in skill tree from the KBTL till now, raises resistance by % that it says it does. I managed to make 95% physical resistant Demons (unit type) with stoneskin + div. armor + boots of something +15% + some cape that gave +15 or +10, i forgot.

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