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Gui DURANDAL 09-26-2017 09:47 PM

Mod voice pack update
Hello all (if there's still someone :rolleyes:)

I was re-intalling SW3 and I got annoyed that there where no voices at all in the game.
I searched for some mod to fix this issue, and I found out that I already made my own mod 7 Years ago ! lol

So I've made a new updated VOICE PACK

It will now include the Quests & Trade Voicing from Russian edition (better Russian than nothing at all...)

As before, you just have to copy/paste the files in your current location
"Star Wolves 3 Civil War\Data\LocData\English"
And replace TRADE, QUESTS and VOICE repertory

I didn't put out the TEXTS but you should already have it in English so it will not change from your current configuration

There's two links, I hope both will work :-P

Have fun !

oxygenes 10-05-2017 07:31 PM

nice work.
I did similar for my SW1 too, english versions is acusticaly little poor. But for now i use just russian version, it is compactible with many russian mods for sw1.

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