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cinkrement 07-10-2015 10:07 AM

Mage tactic: Armageddon rush
I started KB TL again a few days ago - its such a good game, and nowadays round based games are very rare.

Because i browsed some forum for new ideas, i noticed, that a tactic i used to play is not mentioned anywhere, i now like to share with you:

Build up:
Armageddon needed (of course)
your army is only ONE unit with high initiative (use female units with arnas ring)
you have to be able to cast armageddon twice a round, so you need the mages ability "higher magic"
high intelligence
high defence
you should have engough mana to cast armageddon 3 times total
gluts armor
time back
as most magic dmg amplifier as you get
a few rage points to cast gluts armor at beginning of battle

At the beginning of the battle, cast gluts armor on your unit.
Cast armageddon.
End round.
Now dmg from enemies is incoming (thats why you need high defence).
Cast armageddon twice.
Use time back on your unit. (be aware that the last armageddon does not kill all enemies or battle is over and you are not able to cast time back to bring back the lost numbers of your unit).
Now most of the enemies should be dead.
Kill the rest with your unit and perhaps throw a single ressurection.

This tactic brought me from mid- to endgame. Especially bossfights have been very easy with this tactic. I sometimes bought suicide units, which i sacreficed, when i had to cast armageddon more than 3 times.
With 33 intelligence and some dmg amplifier i have been able to do up to 6000 dmg with one armageddon!

For the early game i suggest phoenix.

Space Knight 08-19-2020 03:57 PM

I can approve that it works on Impossible difficulty as well, in a no-loss run. i usually used a stack of Knights (+3 init at start of combat from skill), in order to finish off all remaining enemies, but of course, there were some insane fights as well (the defense dragon; dang, that was an epic 80+ turns battle where I regenerated mana and tried to survive like crazy; would have lost with pretty much any other unit than Knights). Last fight was pretty fast, but required some strategy in order to get my Knighs back from Hypnosis.

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