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nocalora29 10-03-2015 12:49 PM

[SW3] [MOD] - The SW3.Expansion Mod - -|- Polishment Update Released
READ: THIS IS A W-I-P Mod. Expect Bugs, Glitches and Crashes. Install at your own Risk.
THIS POST IS SEVERELY OUTDATED, AND THERE IS NO OFFICIAL "UP-TO-DATE" POST AVAILABLE. I will be eventually completely revamping this post and making it a bit more fresh.

This Mod has some new Content, besides it also Includes the Fleet Mod from Nanaki and Goblin Wizard's Motherships Mod, and also Trucidations Missiles Mod.

But it also Contains stuff from StarRover's Website, Like their Engine Update & GUI Patch, Retrospection, or also Orion.

=[Content & Planned]=- *Outdated, needs to be Updated.

The Mod has the following stuff:
-Autosaves, highly configurable, saves game every X Seconds, Minutes or Hours.
-Conflict Events 2 - Low Chance to spawn 2 factions battleing each other inside current System.
-Custom Missions, can be Activated at Maintance Stations
-Escorts that can be Bought
-Content from StarRover's Engine Update(Including AI Enhancements)
-Includes the GUI Update Mod by Valv_Id (StarRover)
-New Events, these events Work together with the New Missions, especially the Escort ones. (Work in Progress, but Playable)
-New Modules.
-New Ships!
-New Bigships
-New Buyable Motherships(at Goblin Wizard's Maintance Stations Mothership Buy Menu)
-New Systems
-EVE Ships (Currently 2, almost 3 ;-;, Beware: They are Extremely OP and should only be Bought End-Game)
-Hyperjumps! (will be Deactivated in the future on Custom Active Quests)
-WIP, But Included: Star Wolves 2 Systems. (Its currently impossible to go there, but its still on my ToDo list to add them all, they aren't connected directly but, theres one System which seperates these 2 Universes)
-Mod Menu Perk, that the Hero gets in an New Game. Also can be got from the Compatibility Options Menu at an Maintance Station (If playing on an older save-file)
-Bank System (A Way to Basically get Income every few Jumps or so/ You can also Upgrade your Income)
-Increased Max.Ship size of Random Contacts to somewhere around 5 - 9
-Basebuilding (Experimental): Press N to get to the menu.
-An sub-faction named "The Elite-Templars", they have Kickass Ships & Weapons, they are also going to have their own systems in the future. [Visit charon for a surprise]
-Market Caravans, they roam around in systems and set-up a Shop location for a few minutes before leaving again.
-New Alien Faction named "Trizz'chek", can be found in Tesla, or in the border systems.

Future stuffs
-Gate Blockades (Dynamic, WIP but development is slow on this one)
-AI Agents, which basically are CPU-Players, they will have their Mothership and everything
-Ore Convertings -BEWARE: HIGHLY WIP- (Shoot Asteroids that will drop Ores. These can be Converted to other Stuff that makes even More Money when Sold.)
[Info: The Basebuilding will have an huge impact on what the Player can and will do, many things will be possible when a player has build his Base, he can basically be his own Faction with the capabilities he will have -
of course it will take a long time to accomplish all features, but it will be definitely worth it once I get it finished]
-Prison Fleets (These Escort an Highly valuable Pirate, Corporate, or normal Lawbreaker to an Prison Station, Basic Idea from: RT2
[Planned Systems: Not yet Planned]
-More Systems
-More Weapons
-More Modules
-More Custom Quests
-An "Infinite Game" Mode, where you can Replay the game as often as you want!, and you keep ALL of your Stuff too!, MSSwitchBlock is playing a huge part in code already for this, but I still need to add something like an PilotRepBlock which lets you keep your Crew after Restart and doesn't let the Story add you any more, ever.

-Probably some other Features that didn't got listed on here. oh well.

-=[Current Compatability/Complete Versions]=-

ModDB: SW3.Expansion. w/ Optionals Compatability Release

-=[Current Hotfixes/Updates]=-

ModDB: SW3.Expansion. to RC17 Update

GoogleDrive: SW3.Expansion. to RC18 Patch:

-=[Next Up]=-

Note: [U] = Update | MU = [Major Update] | PU = [Polishment Update]
SW3.Expansion.v0.6.2 [MU] <- Next

Game Version 1.12 (Pirated or Steam/Retail)
The SW3.Expansion Functions Library (Included)


Be aware that this Mod is WIP, and it may or may not Break your game, your savefile, or other stuff, if something like that would happen, feel free to ask for help, but I can't promise you that I can save your savefile.

AND also be aware that this game uses an modified executable, it is an cracked and slightly modified one to work better with the mod.

sw3cwEXP.exe LINK
sw3cwEXP.64.exe LINK

If you still don't want to use this custom exe, go modify your own one for yourself, I suggest using an Hex Editor, such as the "Hex-Editor MX"
The String you're looking for would be "Data\Scripts\MapInitialization.script" and replace it with "Data\MapInitialization.script", replace the remaining part of the string with 00's


-: SW3.Expansion RC4 :-

Includes every Hotfix up to #14v3.

            -Updated AddonLoader with up-to-date version.
            -Fixed Random Contacts

New Game Required: No.

-=[Known Bugs]=-
*Stuck on Custom Mission: Patrol Mission to XB19: Avoid the Mission for the time being, you CAN play the first part of the mission, but do not enter the second part.
*The Sternschnuppe System crashes: Avoid the System for the time being.
*Game stops / storyline softlocks with "Free-time" or similiar: Please provide me your 2 latest savefiles BEFORE you enter a System where you are "stuck", or alternatively before you enter the "free-time" state. A Logfile link would also be appreciated.

Notepad++ (Website)
SWX.MultiTool (system.lst generating) (Download)
SWX.TUVMark (.tuv editing tool) (Download)
SWX.SLOTMark (Slot .ini editing tool) (Download)
OllyDebugger (Modified Executable) (Website)
3DS MAX 2015 (Modelling, but still needed to export finished models to an version suitable for 3DS MAX 2008 so I can Export to .IMD)
3DS MAX 2008 (Modelling, Exporting)
3DS MAX 2008 Plugin "*.IMD Exporter" (Download) <- By xBow Software and Elite Games Team - Thanks to GoblinWizard because he supplied me with it in the first place.
Photoshop CC


StarRover Team & VALV_id/valv (Engine Update & GUI Update/AI Patch + Guidance by Valv)
Goblin Wizard (Motherships Mod) <- Also huge Thanks to Goblin Wizard for giving me the IMD Exporter for 3DS MAX 2008!, you rock!.
Nanaki (Fleet Mod)
Trucidation (Missiles Mod)
Kotkatat/StarDoom (Testing, Suggestions, Ideas)
Neo Genesis (Testing, Suggestions, Ideas)
Lotrek (Played a huge part in Testing and helped me alot)
Zekito (Testing)
Crowfeathers (Testing)
Arclight (Testing)
Dark.Revenant (Sounds from the The Knights Templar Mod for StarSector)
Cycerin (Sounds from the BlackRock Drive Yards Mod for StarSector)
Tyrotrela (Heavy testing)
ShadoWarrior (Testing)
MixXaz (Testing)
Blacky (Testing)
EmileKhadaji (Testing)
SARFAX (Testing)
Kolomans (Testing)
TooBig (Testing)
obimark (Testing)
AC37AC37 (Testing)
Scoop (Testing)
oxygenes (Useful Mixed IMD 3d Models)
R42 (Testing)
BlueSoleil (Testing)
valashu (Testing)
Damston (Testing)
Martix (Testing)
The Whole Star Wolves Community including the Elite-Games Team, the 1C Company SW Community, and The StarRover Community for keeping this Series Alive(somehow?), for now and many Years to Come.

-=[Q]uestons and [A]nswers]=-
Q: Why are you developing so much on a Dead Game?
A: I take it as an Excercise and Challange for myself, its also an great chance to improve my Skills in all things Modding(Coding, Modelling, Texturing, all that kind of stuff :), and most importantly: Its much Fun!)

Q: Wheres AoV?
A: Go ask Nike-It, he surely will answer that Question.

Q: Does this work on Game versions prior to 1.12?
A: It might, I can't say for sure, but backup your game before trying it out.

Q: I Can't install this Mod!
A: Please try to actually explain on what you have done and how you have done it, in most cases the Batch file will handle all problems, but sometimes theres just bad luck, if you can't install the mod via normal means, write on how and where you installed the mod, and also tell me if theres an MapInitalization in your Data\ folder, If there isn't one, you have installed the mod wrongly/or the batch messed up

Q: Instructions?
A: At the bottom of this Post.

Q: Can I help you develop the Mod?
A: Sure, PM me, just try to tell me on what you can do best, or be happy with.

Q: Can I use this Mod in another Mod?
A: Go for it, at the end we need to Support our Community and help each other as best we can, All we need now is being whiny about Mod ownership. but... shh... credit me plz and the peope in this mod compilation.

Q: I have installed this Mod and it broke my Game! What do?
A: Tell me exactly what and how you installed the mod, paths, location of the MapInitialization.script file, and most importantly the .log file

Q: I have a Question which was not Answered by this FAQ, what do?
A: Ask.

Q: I have discovered A Bug/Error with this Mod, what do?
A: Tell me in which system you are in, post the contents of the LOGfile.txt file in pastebin or such as attaching it in your post, and also supplying your (2)! latest save files.

Q: I don't want my Mod/Content inside this Compilation, what do?
A: PM me and We'll work something out.

Q: I don't like an Feature of this Mod and would like it to be Removed, what do?
A: Feel free to express your honest opinion on this Mod and its Content, if you want something removed you should post some Arguments explaining Why and such.

Q: I want to use the Function X to do Z, how?
A: Also feel free to ask me How certain functions work in my Mod and I will try to explain it as best as possible.

Q: Can I make a Plugin for this Mod?
A: Sure, go for it,
Note: Plugins are certain mini-scripts which can/should be able to be imported easly only via Functions into other mods, and change some small or other stuff in it. Plugins should always be in the @Plugins folder, and integrated via one of the Mod's Init files.

Q: What Compiler did Star Wolves use?
A: Visual C++ 8.0 (Visual Studio 2005)

Q: Can I add you on ... (Steam, Skype, etc)
A: Please just Send me a PM to my Account Here on 1C BEFORE you add me on these.

-=[Install Instructions]=-

Drag & Drop everything into your game installation.

Note: Things marked with "*" are ENTIRELY OPTIONAL, Its O.K. if they don't even exist!

Zekito 10-03-2015 06:16 PM

Hi all!

I have finally managed to install Patch 1.12 with this Goblin Wizard`s Patch fix:

And now, I have installed the SW3.Expansion 0.5.3G Test Build, have tested it and I have installed it correctly. Will soon provide some info on the gameplay.

Thanks for making this mod :-D, brings more life to this great game, even though I also do like my previous campaigns with the Fleet Mod from Nanaki and Goblin Wizard's Motherships Mod.

Here we go into another SW3 adventure.. :grin:

nocalora29 10-03-2015 10:55 PM

Glad to hear that :)

But be careful, and make plenty of saves, cuz This mod still is Highly WIP and may or not may Break stuff!.

Lotrek 10-03-2015 11:11 PM

Hey thanks for the nod. *cheers*
I'll have a couple days free at the mid/end of week and Ill give the most recent version a play. Iron out what ya can and Wed-Fri I'm your test dummy.

Don't loose the faith!

nocalora29 10-03-2015 11:53 PM

Thats really nice of you Lotrek to test abit, I might have the Balancing Update finished Later today.

I will never lose faith to the Game, but I allready lost faith to the Admins here on the Forums, or the guys in charge of Star Wolves haha.

Zekito 10-04-2015 08:08 AM

I have learned the hard way to save as often as I can, cause it cost me few good campaigns.. :-D

I was wondering, is this how the Mothership is supposed to look ( just so that I know I have installed it right, my Video settings are little lower so it does not look great as it should be :grin: )?

And, when I dock a Trading Station, this is what I get when I want to check/change Mothership`s systems/weapons ( I get an empty space/window):

This is the image (in a Trade station) of a Shield booster for Mothership:

__________________________________________________ ___________________

There was a message about a successful switch of ships in Gredos system when I got a mission to transfer goods to Copernicus station in a new ship.

And, now I`ve got a problem with the last part to return the ship back to the station ( after delivering goods to Copernicus station). Whenever I come near the station and those attackers appear, my mothership gets destroyed.

This is the log file:
Any way to bypass destruction of my mothership?

nocalora29 10-04-2015 01:14 PM


I was wondering, is this how the Mothership is supposed to look ( just so that I know I have installed it right, my Video settings are little lower so it does not look great as it should be )?
Well, I guess it looks kinda blurry because of the graphical settings, but it should look like that, but heres be aware that this Ship shouldn't be used as of yet, since it has many missing Collisionspheres, because of that only few ships will be able to hit it, and the GUI-Slots aren't Ready for this ship as of yet.


This is the image (in a Trade station) of a Shield booster for Mothership
Doesn't seem too gamebreaking, Seemingly only an texture file is missing.


There was a message about a successful switch of ships in Gredos system when I got a mission to transfer goods to Copernicus station in a new ship.
I recommend replaying to the gredos part with the original tug ship the game gives you, since the MSSWitchBlock seems to mess something up there, until its fixed I recommend playing the Vanilla ships until you get to a part where you have much time before a new Mothership change by the Story.
btw: Did you had the Freedomkiller Blocker turned on?, if not try it again with it, It blocks many of Star Wolves Self-proclaimed "Freedom-Killers" which simply blow up the Ship.

Thanks for this very useful Bugreport mate, and praise the logfile, it also told me about other stuff which makes errors (Including a thing which massacres the performance)

I will have the fix ready very soon, but the thing with the MSSwitchBlock is kinda tricky, we'll see about that.

nocalora29 10-04-2015 02:51 PM

0.6.0B Released.
Changelog has been Updated.

Mostly Bugfixing & Balancing Stuff.
+Fixed (I hope atleast) all of the missing Textures, because of that the Archive size had an huge increase.

Note: I did not fix the Msswitchblock bug as of now, so beware to use the vanilla ships until you get the Licensed Arba at Elio/or (not sure) the Pirate Arba at Achilles, but I would recommend sticking to vanilla motherships until you get the licensed Arba.

crowfeathers 10-06-2015 05:26 AM

There seems to be no way to disable MSSWITCHBLOCK, which breaks the storyline as not using vanilla ships messes things up a fair bit. The option to toggle it doesn't have any effect.

nocalora29 10-06-2015 11:39 AM

Thats strange, the toggle button should actually really work, I recently played through the Campaign to the New Kyoto ending, could I ask from which Menu you have tried to toggle?, the Hero's Mod Menu or at an Maintance Station?

They should both work actually, but would you post the log file of this event?, and did nothing occur after you left the Menu?, there should be an Screenmessage telling you about the Block Toggle.


It should really work because the code is there, you may look at file "Addons\@SW3.Expansion\sw3_expansion_StoryShipBloc k.lua" and search for the function "SW3EXP_Story_MSSwitch_Toggle()", its in both of the Menu's toggle buttons, search for it in the DialogGW.xml and DialogCS.xml, they should be there, if not, theres something very wrong.

Eitherway, thank you for telling me, im still gonna check the Function in a bit more in-depth matter.

EDIT: Credited you in the main post ;).

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