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dimlee 01-11-2019 03:03 PM


Originally Posted by Storebror (Post 718391)
Nice phone, thanks for the link.
I'd consider to get me one, if it wasn't limited to 2G.
Problem is that 2G has already been switched off in parts of the world, and here in Europe they're starting to phase out 2G right this year and it will be gone until 2025.
Therefore, Funk's slogan "The MP01 is something that you buy and you keep" needs to be extended by ..." on the shelf just to remember the good old days".


Exactly my feelings towards MP01. So nice and so late. (As F7F?)
I have my small collection of "vintage" items including one Sharp Wizard Organizer from early 1990s...but no, I'm not going to invest into its expansion.
I'll wait until Punkt MP02's (with 4G support) prices drop by at least 50%. I might use it as the hotspot for the laptop or... for Palm TX from my collection? :-P

dimlee 01-11-2019 03:12 PM


Originally Posted by Treetop64 (Post 718393)
It would seem contradictory to put "high-fidelity flight simulation" and "fast-action dogfighting" in the same sentence when describing a game.

Like describing Call of Duty as a "high-fidelity small arms and warfare simulator" with "fast-action FPS shooter".

Crisis of identity, lol.

Did Gaijin try to overcome this contradiction with early releases for Playstation?
I was so intrigued that I bought PS3 at that time. Looked so cool on large TV screen but overall "half baked" with joystick/keyboard issues I never managed to overcome.

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