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Zorky 01-01-2013 02:05 AM

GamersGate Collection
Do you get any forum badge for buying the entire collection on gamersgate :þ

Best bargain I ever got !

Happy new year everyone :)

Gatts 07-19-2013 08:35 AM

Badge :
I haven't seen "Full collection", but if you buy/own more (10) action games, rpg games, strategy... or indie or if you own few of each genre.

And yes, Gamersgate provides really great deals. Sad, that in many cases you have to go to STEAM and get the game from there.
I have very bad experience with boxed games (I bought boxed Armored Princess... it was not possible to patch it, as it was some localized version so some Czech company was responsible to get and translate and modify the patches, but they didn't care... plus, the CD got scratched, probably due extended use... and there goes my game)
But I aslo don't like STEAM. I don't get the "NEED TO BE ONLINE" .. and when I am out of town with my NB, without internet, I can't play any STEAM games. That really sucks. But at least STEAM does not seem to bankcrupt ... like 5 or 6 years back, I bough Hard to be God from some online store (can't remember really, something about "direct to your hardrive" or something) ... and I can forget about that great game, as the company I bought it from does not exist anymore.

GamersGate is great at rewarding system, patch update velocity, server speed and support. And they also have games, I thought they are gone for good (Mordor, Demise...) . And, most important for me, thay are having discounts like 75% nearly all the time. So if you want some game, just wait a week or month and you will get it for one fourth of the original price. (Don't remember STEAM havin such benefits)

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