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I/JG7_Momo 05-16-2019 03:56 PM

Flying together
Hey guys :)

Since the glory days of IL2 are over, it's getting harder and harder to find a few pilots to compete with

The JG7 is doing some kind of training once a week and spontaneously more than once.

We are doing mission, practicing dogfights, flying formation, basics, navigation, combat situations and many more.

In between we are 6 active pilots so that we have always at leat 4 participants per session.

We are looking for some more pilots who wanna join our flying. For communication we speak almost exclusivly english so that would not be a problem for us. And by the way this would bring the game a bit more lively again.

We are currently using Version 4.12.2 with BAT 3.6 but we could also switch to HSFX 7

check out our website:


Next Session: 16/May/19 21:00(CET)

Feel Welcome to join

Best wishes


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