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RobN 04-19-2019 10:23 PM

Can we raise objects above the ground in FMB?
And put them on top of other objects?

I've tried the F4 thing but that doesn't work for the objects I want. Also, I've tried changing the .mis file entries, but that doesn't work either.


JacksonsGhost 04-20-2019 01:36 AM

See if this works for the objects you want. This is stovak's reply from another thread:

'Configure / Control Keys' under 'Mouse Move Object 3D'

Assign a key for 'Z-Move'

To change the height of an object (artillery or stationary armour), select the object, go into 3D mode (Enter) and hold the Z-Move key while moving the mouse.

And there’s this from the Readme for 4.14:

- Objects from the "Artillery" and "Stationary Armor" sections have added the ability to set the height of the object above ground level in the Full Mission Builder. The properties of such objects also have the ability to specify their location in the event of their destruction: "Do not change the height of an object", "Drop an object to the surface", "Hide an object under the surface".

RobN 04-20-2019 01:14 PM

It seems that it only works for some objects. I'm trying to put a searchlight on top of a tower, but I can't raise the searchlight.

Could editing the mis file work?

JacksonsGhost 05-05-2019 01:59 AM

I've never tried it, but I think it can be done with a bit of custom work. This link to an M4T article might be of help to you.

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