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nocalora29 12-06-2016 04:24 PM

[RESOURCE] EVE Online 3D Models
Heyo, I just recently explored EVE's game data files, and Im sure theres some interest for the game's 3d models, so I would like to post them here.

[ Compression: LZMA2 w/ 7zip Archive Format ]
[ 3D Format: gr2 + dds ]

[ Download (MEGA.NZ) ]
[ Compressed Filesize: 2,67GB ]
[ Uncompressed Filesize: 7,85GB ]

*Requires: 3DS MAX 2008
1. Get yourself this Program: [ Download ]
2. Put the Application anywhere you like, and then start "SW3ME.gr2ToObj.exe" and put in "Path" the path of the full extracted archive.
3. Press Start and then proceed to wait a little bit until the program converts all gr2 model's to .obj
4. Now you have all files in .obj format (without .mtl's), you need to apply the textures yourself, but this is only 2 button work.
5. Now select any model you would like to use, and proceed to apply the appropriate textures to it with any given 3D Modelling program and then do a final export to .obj which will now include a .mtl
6. Use 3DS MAX, Blender or any other Modelling software which can handle .obj files to fix the Texture alignment. (See troubleshooting)
7. Edit the Ship and make it useable, lights, turrets, guns, rockets, engines, rotating objects, etc.
8. 3DS MAX 2008 to Export the .obj as .IMD
9. Test it In-Game.
10. Enjoy.

[ IMD - DIY ToDo List ]
Collision Mastersphere Refname: [GBND] (Needs to surround the COMPLETE model)
Collision Spheres Refname: [GNBD]
Shield Sphere [GELP] (Protection Shield sphere)
Useable Guns/Turrets
(Optional/Buggy: Lights)
(Decorational: Rotating objects)

Autodesk (3DS Max 2008)
CCP (EVE Online)
Ray @GitHub (TriExporter)
Someone who coded the 3DS MAX IMD Plugin.
Microsoft (TexConv)

These models are NOT "IMD" Files, and they also aren't optimized for the Star Wolves Engine, if you want them in SW try to proccess them yourself.
If you want one really badly you can PM me about it.
Just wanted to make that clear.

Proof of High Quality Textures:



Have fun guys, took a while to get it uploaded, hope you guys find use for these.

[ Troubleshooting ]
Textures not at the right place after Import: Make sure you VERTICALLY FLIP the textures before applying it to your 3D Model.

DDS Files don't work: Get yourself TexConv.exe (google it) and convert your needed .dds files to .png/.tga/whatever format you'd like to use instead.

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