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oxygenes 07-11-2017 07:26 PM

Hair color of a young Phantom
What color of hair, in your opinion, is more suitable for a young Phantom character?
A long time ago I wrote stories with the participation of a young Phantom. Now it's time to choose the color of his hair in youth. With full confidence in the taste of fans, I trust you to choose the option that you think is the best.


nocalora29 07-13-2017 03:46 AM

In my opinion, I think Brunette suits him the best.

Protok St 07-13-2017 07:24 PM

I can post ? At last!

oxygenes 07-16-2017 06:38 PM

probably Brunette is best or you can give him helmet too )

Protok St 11-14-2017 08:58 AM

Brunette one will be in the storyline of Bounds of Consent.

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