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nlerlop 12-16-2011 06:15 PM

Easy Way to get to get rid of Bone Dragons?
I usually just use dragon arrow to get rid of all high defense units but bone dragons are well "bone", arrow can't penetrate them. I like to know an easy way or the fastest way to get rid of bone dragon if anyone can help me out with that. On impossible, the stack is too high like 20+ it just wasting my turn trying to kill it. Thx for anyone who can help me out.

nlerlop 01-20-2012 08:17 PM

Wow so basically no one actually know a good way to get rid of bone dragons fast at all? How lame is that people get in the thread to read but leave no comments... Why the hell would you get in the thread in first place? full of idiots? The title says it all - -'', wow this world is full of retards awesome... well whatever I'm done with all characters anyway. Just so anyone who get in the thread and can't answer my question "Shame in your face".

Fatt_Shade 01-20-2012 10:48 PM

First of all your take your rage somewhere else, this is forum for tactical turn based game, not fps where everything happens in 0,1 second.
Second you play impossible setting and want `easy` way to defeat enemy stacks ?
Third you didnt provide any important info about your hero class/army/items/available spells and lvl`s . . . Against bone dragons plague wont work, so BEST (not easy) way is spell defenseless and or fire breath on your best dmg unit. Their fire resistance is low so all fire based spells for pure spell dmg mage class is also good way. One option is to start fight and see where they move first, then load and attack them again and place trap on that spot and when that lose turn focus all army on them hoping to kill them, or at least decimate them before they poison all your units.
If you post more info about your hero/items/spells and army you have at disposal maybe some better way will be presented to you by players on this forum.

Razorflame 11-05-2012 06:20 PM

or just read strategy guides as posted in this forum;)

saves YOU alot of Questions

Shadowcran 11-17-2014 03:28 PM

Inquisitors or Priests. They alone basically make undead an easy prey. I use the reserve skill and keep priests in there, but Inquisitors are a permanent part of my troops.

With Priests in reserve, you can trade them into battle before you face Bone Dragons. If you have the Inquisition Skill, when at a castle(where you can leave troops), you can use it to fill up your Inquisitors spot with more by converting Priests.

With both reserve spots you can keep one empty, but the other Priests. You put one other troop(not Inquisitors) into the empty reserve, then find out how many Inquisitors you need. Use the Shift key while putting Priests into the now empty troop slot and put how many you need to upgrade to Inquisitors there. Then convert them. Easy to do once used to it.

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