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esin 01-09-2013 04:00 AM

Newb Questions: What are acceptable losses?
On my first run through the game (normal). As I understand resources are limited in this game, so I'm a bit nervous about how okay it is to loose units in a battle.

Can anyone give me some perspective on the pace of the game and what an acceptable loss is that wont get me broke or slow progress to a crawl? I've been focusing on fighting weak monsters in the starting zone and yet I just came across a golem (labeled 'weak') that killed about 3/4 of my army.

And how exactly does my Hero's stats influence my army? My troops seem to have stats of their own and I don't immediately see indication of what hero stats are doing.

MattCaspermeyer 01-17-2013 09:23 AM

Since you're playing on normal, I'd say do your best to minimize losses, but don't let them exceed 25% - if that happens I'd reload and try again. Also be aware of what troops you're losing - low level troops usually are plentiful while higher level troops are much more rare. If you only have a few higher level troops available, any loss there might be unacceptable so I'd say try to do your best to have no loss on your level 4 and 5 troops.

As far as your Hero's stats, the Attack and Defense add directly to your units Attack / Defense. So if you have 3 Attack and 2 Defense, then your units will get +3 to their Attack and +2 to their Defense (base values are in parentheses () when you pull up the unit's card).

Good luck and have fun playing!


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