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Zhuangzi 09-21-2008 09:55 AM

Does anyone rate the Paladin?
Okay, my obsession with this demo is getting out of hand. :-P

I've already played it through three times to get a feel for each class. Mage is awesome - some excellent spells to use. The Magic tree seems interesting and useful. Warrior is great fun too. I really like some of the better human units such as the Horseman and the Knight. The Might tree is good fun, especially as you can use lots of Rage to supplement your physical strength.

But what about the Paladin? Is he 'Jack of all trades, master of none'?

The Mind tree doesn't look very appealing to me. Scouting might be nice, but it's cheap so anyone can get it if they want. Holy Anger gives you a 5% bonus against undead at level 1, but it costs 5 Might Runes and 8 Mind Runes to upgrade to level 2, which only gives a 10% bonus. Doesn't seem worth it. Glory is definitely required as it increases leadership, but I think Mages and Warriors will need to invest in this too. And the second level of upgrades in the Mind tree don't look very interesting - they all give slight bonuses in terms of money and experience. I suppose the Paladin will have an advantage in the full game in that he can afford better gear, but I'm dubious as to whether it is worth it.

It looks like the Mage and Warrior are more fun to play than Paladin. Your thoughts?

BTW I am starting the game for a fourth time, this time on Hard as a Mage. :cool:

Imperial Dane 09-21-2008 10:14 AM

Well i am already on my 7th playthrough.. But the Paladin ? I think he is just as good as the others, sure the mind benefits don't look obvious but they are nice, also holy anger doesn't give a 5% bonus, it gives a plus 5 attack bonus, something very different ;) And later on he even gains more experience from vanquisihing undead and demons in the form of more gold and experience. Plus you have to remember at a certain point he can trade in mind runes for runes of the two other types.

So to me they are all 3 very different even though they have mostly the same spells.. and oh yeah, the paladin starts out with a scroll of resurrection, and if you then learn order magic.. well, you just happen to have the spell of resurrection :D

sinava 09-21-2008 11:13 AM

7th Playthrough, omg :eek::eek:
I finished my second playthrough, and i definitely think i will be enjoying mage and fighter more than the paladin. Paladin skills don't look so good to me, but i can fully say when i play with paladin again

Ball Buster 09-21-2008 11:19 AM

Initially, I also thought about it. The Paladin seemed to be a character between the Fighter and the Mage. But when a I discover Resurrection, and specially Glory, I changed mi mind about that. The Paladin is awesome! With objects, I reached more than 1800 Leadership, muuuuuch more than I expected, and nearly twice Leadership I was able to reach with the Fighter or the Mage.

Yes, It's true that the Mind habilities' branch seems to have little less use than the other two, but I think the true power of the Paladin isn't his 'own' habilities, the true power is his capability to reach medium or high levels in two (or maybe the three, who knows) branchs. Because he gains as much runes of magic as of might when ups a level, he's able to become a good fighter and also a good magician. And also I'm sure that be a Paladin will reward you along the game with some gifts, more than if you are a Fighter or a Mage.

Imperial Dane 09-21-2008 12:25 PM

His greater strength also lies in being able to fight the undead and demons with greater skill than anybody else, while the fighters skill lies in rage and leadership and the mages lie in magic.

They are all good in each their own way, personally i'll be playing with a Paladin first when i get the game.

phoenixreborn 09-21-2008 12:48 PM

The game actually looks pretty well balanced. I think each class will be able to succeed for different reasons.

All those rune and money bonuses should lead to being able to hire bigger armies and invest in more total skills than the other two classes.

Personally I think I'm going to try warrior first but that just suits my general RPG taste.

Imperial Dane 09-21-2008 12:52 PM

Well i think the warrior has the biggest chance of large armies to be honest as he gets more leadership bonuses, and generally starts out more favorable, the paladin on the other hand might have better luck getting his hands on the expensive stuff..

Zhuangzi 09-21-2008 02:29 PM

Great answers guys. :)

I am loving this more and more. Four games down now, and my first 'win' on Hard. I really enjoyed the challenge of hard, and I cruelly missed out on level 5, which would have allowed me to get Glory, which would have given me 1000 leadership and a chance at the Magic School trial.

And it's all because I took pity on the Dragon in the training school. :!: I missed out on level 5 by that much.

I found that on Hard, the upgrade fights were close to impossible (except for the cursed ring, which is easy). I couldn't upgrade the staff, or the snake ring, nor could I beat the level 6 tournament. These were all winnable fights on medium (well, not the snake ring - I hadn't seen that before).

Really annoyed. :evil:

But I thought I would be sick of this demo now, but no. I've still got to play the Paladin and Mage on hard, and make sure I kill that fricken dragon. :-P

Spiralkill 09-21-2008 02:32 PM


Originally Posted by phoenixreborn (Post 50214)
The game actually looks pretty well balanced. I think each class will be able to succeed for different reasons.

All those rune and money bonuses should lead to being able to hire bigger armies and invest in more total skills than the other two classes.

Personally I think I'm going to try warrior first but that just suits my general RPG taste.

well, after playing the demo for the 7th time,IMO it all depends on the lvl of difficulty you play. on easy the mage has bit of advantage since he can use rage and magic at ease, but in impossible (I played it twice with each class on this difficulty) classes are well balanced and paladin might have a bit of advantage since runes and money are hard to get by and he can get the leadership skill which helped me finish both times with a higher leadership rate than the warrior (and mage of-course).

Daedalus 09-22-2008 10:56 AM

Paladin is pretty nice i think, the Runic Stones enable him to get beefed in the other trees fairly rapidly, though at the cost of mind runes.

Maybe in the early game the mind runes are scarcer than in the midgame since you already have all the skills you need moderate amounts of Mind for. with the excess mind you could just buy more runes of the other types which is nice.

Considering a pally myself when i get the game although i'll prolly still go mage first :)

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