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JoeStracke 08-09-2013 03:50 PM

Space Rangers 2; How can I re-package .pkg files.
I've found this game in a box of old games I'd packed up when moving years ago. Now fully interested in having a go at it, I've noticed some very annoying aspects that I hope to change.

I am a huge fan of listening to music, and one of the side-effects of this is not being able to ignore sounds. This game has several that are loud, annoying and repeated frequently. I simply have to get rid of these without resorting to completely killing all sound.

They are located in the Sound.pkg, specifically, SHOP sounds 0.wav, 11.wav and 12.wav. There may be others, but I've only so far spent a lot of time looking for ship upgrades so far, and those sounds push me out of the game every time after I've heard them for the about the 10th time.

Obviously, I've managed to unpackage the offending archive fine... the problem now is, how to I re-package it with my modified .wav files?

Thanks for any suggestions,

Edit: The application used to extract the .pkg was PKGUnPack.exe from the Scientific Base site. If it has some command-line parameter to re-archive, none were made known.


The solution, for any who might still be interested, was to copy the extracted \SOUND folder to the parent game directory (i.e., \Space Rangers 2 - Reboot\SOUND), then make your changes to the new folder as desired. Keep in mind that the game effects were mixed in 22050Hz mono; not sure if this is required... but it's advisable if you want to maintaining some level of audial continuity.

Kudos to opTR0n on the Steam forums for providing me with the solution, which apparently originated from

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