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Oh Chute! 08-13-2018 07:42 AM

Something funny happened on the way to Singapore
The Singapore Campaign map has some nice regional specific civilian housing, as are the buildings on airports and air fields. The map is used for the NL, RAF, RAAF, and the RNZAF campaigns.
The airports have concrete revetments and the Air fields have them made out of logs to house the fixed fighters and bombers. Targets for Japanese AM6’s and Ki’s.
So you ask what is so funny about that? Well, the funny thing is that with my usual wandering around, I discovered that the fighters in the concrete revetments are what look to me to be Curtis P36 Hawks. Which would be correct as the P36’s ordered by the Netherlands were diverted to the Dutch East Indies.
What makes up the funny part is that they all wear the Soviet Red Star nation identifier on their lower wing. :grin:

taly001 08-19-2018 10:58 AM

What version of iI2 are you using? 4.12 broke the stationary plane markings, 4.12.1 or newer fixes it. The Dutch East Indies used the Cyclone engine Hawk (A-4 in il2) , engine was larger diameter but thinner than the twin wasp engine (A-3 in il2).

If you have 4.12.1 or newer try this


standard 4.13.4
171_Static vehicles.planes.Plane$P_36A3 1 75491.73 54685.97 289.92 0.0 du

my modded version
171_Static vehicles.planes.Plane$H_75A4 1 75491.73 54685.97 289.92 0.0 du 1 1.0 null 1

just search SingaporeRed.mis and change all the planes.Plane$H_75* or P_36* to have 1 1.0 null 1 at the end. This should force Dutch markings. dutch=du :)

Oh Chute! 08-25-2018 07:27 PM

I’m current with version 4.13.4
Thanks for the file alteration. Cheers.

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