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SpringRocker 06-28-2013 01:12 PM

Just got Reboot... needs help
So I came back to playing this game after 4 years just after buying Reboot, and I think I need a little help.

I jumped into starting a game on a difficulty of impossible with the exception of equipment failure and luck (average/bad), is it my imagination or did things get a lot harder? I seem to remember in one of the latest games I played 4 years ago that it was impossible to "help" the dominators take all the systems save for 3 or 4. By that time everyone starts beating them back and it becomes a none issue. Also it was equally impossible to "purge" the ranger list by killing them off, there were always atleast 20 at any given time.

It's still very early in the game I've started and I have decent equipment. Can take on and kill anyone one-on-one, most of the time one-on-two as well. However when it comes to dominators I run screaming shoving everyone I can into them as I make my escape (unless its one small ship... THEN I can take it). Plus it doesn't help when it seems like they can all run me down with superior speed (I've 500 against 600's).

So heres my situation then my question...

All systems have been taken (save for one, and another one outside my map range I believe. I have sight of 5 sectors), sitting well on funds (~10,000 though I'm surprised its that high), system defenses suck (almost all civilians... despite the fact I only killed 2 ships, a ranger out to get me for no reason ;) and one planet defense ship), and dominators have overrun the system and will take it (I've tried everything short of cheating).

From here on out is my best chance to run around in dominator territory under cloak with my one probe scavenging for fuel and replacement parts? Will the coalition eventually take back a random system? Will there be more rangers joining the fight (Kinda tired looking at the list and seeing that I'm #1 because there's no one else *forever alone*)?

I know most replies will tell me to start a new game at a lower difficulty, but this is the first time something like this has happened. Usually, from past experience, everyone starts killing dominators like cockroaches no matter what the difficulty is set to after a certain time has past :evil: .

I'd really like to play this out, it's challenging. Any input for my survival would be appreciated :grin: .

random50 06-28-2013 07:50 PM

Yes, it got much harder. This is the new normal. The game is now loseable and you have no serious chance of taking on the doms for several years on impossible. However...once the coalition is down to a very limited number of systems (3, I think) then the only dom that will attack is Keller. He attacks with slightly weaker forces than the others that you can actually hope to take on with a rocket launcher and/or frequent planet landing, and if you take him on in the black hole and beat him, your remaining system(s) will be safe and able to develop to the point the coalition can start fighting back.

SpringRocker 07-01-2013 01:21 AM

I would give the rocket launcher thing a shot, but there wern't any. I went back to the game and decided to run a trade between two worlds. It was a really good one and I dropped off my weapons on one to carry all the goods I could (you can prolly see where this is going). after that I cloaked my ship and jumped into a dom system to drop some probes off and grab some loot, only problem is I went without picking up weapons. Right before I jumped back I saw that the last system was taken over. I went on for another for a couple months cloaked while probing planets (heh heh). I never did find any weapons before the probes broke, I waited 14 years hoping one of the systems would be taken back. It never happened and I had to start over :/

This time I'm adjusting to "hard" rather than "hardboiled" for dom difficulty, lol :)

random50 07-03-2013 06:08 PM

Some starting ships have a rocket launcher and you can get a 2nd one from the starting equipment selection. From memory, when I've started with this configuration, there has sometimes then been a 3rd launcher available to buy (very briefly!) but you definitely can't rely on that possibility.

You'll have to spend the early years in coalition planets most likely. As you saw, going in to dom territory is too risky as you need to help out against Keller.

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