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BB-Rayner 10-27-2017 06:56 PM

Speed bar

Our squad flies IL2 1946 4.12.2. One of our members is a bit color blind and has great difficulty reading the red lettering of the speed-bar, especially when it's viewed against green.

Does anybody know how we can change the colour to white? And can the lettering be enlarged?

Thanks for any help

dimlee 10-29-2017 05:58 PM

Unless I miss something, it is not possible in stock game. (Wish it was).
As I remember there are mods as Pablo's visual mode and PALHud mode which works in BAT. They have been mentioned at SAS forum.
As I understand you are flying with HSFX. There might be similar mods for your game version?

KG26_Alpha 10-30-2017 01:10 AM

Under HSFX

v412.2 + HSFX + HUD Config PAL v.2

Been a while ....... might be a later version.

BB-Rayner 11-12-2017 08:09 PM


I went into my PalHud config and found the gui file

In there there are four files. I opened the hudleftMph.mat and found a line that said:
Colorscale 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 This looked hopeful. So, not knowing what colour the numbers represented, I changed the line to read:
Colorscale 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0 and saved it.

I then launched the game to see what difference had been made.

The result was, disappointingly, no change whatever to the colour.

Do you know what number represents white? And am I in the right file?
I did also try changing the hudleftMphKmh file but without success

RPS69 11-20-2017 03:01 PM

If I remember it right, you can just put a 1 or a 0 there.

A 1 will show messages on your army color, red or blue.

A 0 would be plain white.

On dogfight maps, there may be more than two colors if you place more than two armies on the map.

Hope it helps...

BB-Rayner 11-27-2017 08:37 PM


I think you're referring to the icon colours. The speedbar in the lower left corner of the screen is always red. It's that I'm trying to change

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