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Krzak 09-13-2009 07:41 PM

Germans are to strong when it gets to heavy tanks
Hello there. First of all i would like to thank for making such a nice game.

I was thinking... why German tanks are probably the only ones made with realistic guns and armors ?
What im trying to say... for example IS-3 in game got pretty much the same armor as IS-2. I can give loads of sites ( or even google it. ) that it clearly states IS-3 had 200mm+ frontal armor ( in the game its 120. ) 122mm Gun cannot even manage to penerate Tigers from few meters, where even history says that IS-2 with his powerfull Gun was able to penerate Tiger easily shooting from very far @ front, won't even say that the bullet pretty much flew thru the Tiger like it was butter. What i want to say is... well pretty much German Heavy tanks have completely no match. Looking at it it really seems that German tanks are pretty realistic made ( talking only about gun and armor ), where ZSRR or even USA! got way to weak armors and guns. I'm wondering what other ppl have to say about this, because atm i haven't played many games in multiplayer, but im historical fan when it goes to WW2 games ( realistic ones only.. which unfortunately there arent many ) and i really don't like the fact that for example really big maps are sick to play against Germans. Its really annoying and unbalanced that no one can penerate German tanks in front. There is alot to say about tanks and their armors and guns.

I know no one is perfect, but if making game realistic i think it should be ( or atleast try ) well.. realistic :). I'm also wondering why actually ZSRR tanks are pretty unreal with sadly weak armors and guns... after all its Russian game pretty much aye ?

Well sorry guys for wall of text. Hope you will find it fun to read, and think about it. And ofcourse sorry for my English !


I really like the game, its not whine that if it wont get fixed i wont play it.. i bought 3 copies and im happy about it :)

EDIT : IS-2/3 penetration chances are correct in the game actually, but the armor values are way way off :)

EDIT: It's actually about Russian tanks being to weak, prolly British too.

Korsakov829 09-13-2009 09:25 PM

These will be fixed most likely in next few updates, if you don't want to wait, you can make a mod that corrects the angles of the armor plates, thickness, etc.

The Russian tanks and the British tanks are a little off, but the American and German are fine.

Krzak 09-14-2009 11:53 AM

Lets hope so ! :) well yes perhaps USA are fine :) thing is with mods... you pretty much cannot play on multiplayer with other players unless they have same mod. Anyway i will be playing the game as long as other ppl play it no matter what :)

Felis 10-18-2009 07:14 PM

I agree.

In particular, when I have green armor penetration chance by flanking, most of the time I still do absolutely nothing to the armor. Which is ridiculous.

I also find that in the 1.16 mod, the Japanese tanks are uber, which is contrary to my hearing that they, for the msot part, sucked.

Korsakov829 10-18-2009 09:53 PM

Armor penetration chance is just a chance. Tank commanders don't have a a red, yellow, or green light that tells them what their aiming for is going to penetrate. Disable armor penetration and messages about damage, it will be more fun and realistic. Memorize the types of tanks, armor angles, and armor thickness, and you will be a true tank commander.

I know nothing about the Japanese, I don't play 1.16. But you are right they are not good when it comes to armor. I'm guessing they compensate for that by speed and perhaps bigger and more guns.

Sarge 10-31-2009 11:46 AM

German tanks are heave and its easey to Flak them with T 34 /85 but ONlY at big maps at small maps you must takes Asoult infanterie or Pazzoka thats so easy so kill the germany heavy tanks!:-) Only NOOBS say soviet tanks are Bad all player were say in man of war the soviets are bad is a big NOOB i killed with T 34/85 1 kingtiger and 1 Jagdtiger when i flanked him its so easey the soviets have not the best tanks but the Fasted tanks a PRO know this!

hympyke 10-31-2009 12:11 PM

Yea and just a loser will let you to flank anything.... This flank thing is a joker but doesn't work. Some times, accidently i can hit the tracks and the tigers are immobile but i am unable to go closer, they kills everything from 1 shot usually. At flat maps its very frustrating, so i try to avoid those when i am playing online. Experienced players won't let the tiger to go alone, won't let it to be in front of the infantry. They will keep the tiger behind their soldiers. I was killed some tigers/kingtigers with scouts and molotov... The AI gets use to throw the bottle to a tree to kill your soldier of course. Ppl says that use IS-3 but i was lost with that too always. Bazooka... yea, lot of times i can't kill much smaller units than a tiger so i use flamethrowers usually. Of course you can kill tigers with any units ACCIDENTLY or vs a newbie gamer.

I forgot the point: i have to be tricky vs germany but germany don't have to do anything as "compensation". If i have to mess around the map and i have not something special unit as the tigers then where is the ballance....

JensRy 12-02-2009 10:52 AM

I thought it was obvious that soviet has the best tanks, the jagdtiger and kingtiger are very tough that's true but the cost for these monsters are so high so in most games you don't have time to save up for em.
The soviet early and mid game tanks are way better than the german tanks. The early KV is no bed time story for any german tank in an early stage of a game.
But it is also known that germany is a strong late-game faction so you'll just have to adjust your strategy with this in mind.

bananbjarne 07-10-2011 05:29 AM

Second that the information about where to hit is not good. Better to memorize and get and use skills. On the other hand IS 3 should not be in the game. Barely pershing too. Not at least the centurion - blasfemi! Japanese are way off. Im all fan of realism - it gets deeper and more exciting. Therefore correct values are best, and production and manpower advantage to allies ( or whatever to make balance) is much better than now, when tanks that was not playing a part or even was in WW2 is in the game. This also applys to scouts, stormtroopers, smg infantry, heavy mg's with shield manned standing up !, and all unrealistic equipment and trooptypes in the game. Makes the game flatter, and far less exciting.

I actually search forum for scouts, and this thread was one of two results, so for simplicity I add my views on inf. as well. Since it is 2 and a half year since last reply on this post, I might make a new post on trooptypes and equipment though.

SpeedWolf 07-10-2011 06:07 PM

You got two option, one make your own mod and remove the unit you don't want or two play Theatre of War, is not as fun as men of war but it realistic.

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