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Janosch 06-26-2020 06:11 PM

SB-2 and La-5FN flight model bugs
So nobody really flies bombers, but I decided to test the SB-2, 1937 model. This plane shares the age-old flight model bug with the La-5FN:

You can yank the stick all the way back and the plane does not stall or snap roll, no matter how fast or how long you pull the stick. While the La-5FN (FN = For Newbies) has its place as the eternal training wheels place, the supermaneuverability on a two engine bomber really seems like a design oversight.

Once again: compare the flight model of La-7 with La-5FN (or earlier La-5 models) and you'll know the difference. While the La-7 has better performance, at least it takes some skill not to stall the plane.

Side notes:
- I really didn't know how good the Fw-190D9 is... well, if you fly it at medium to high altitude. Now, if I could only improve my gunnery a bit more :P
- Ki-45 turns really well. Not that I'm complaining in any case!
- P-47 8 x guns are still awesome
- Some of the old .ntrks are invalidated with each version update. A pity
- Does anyone have a new version of il2compare, updated for the 4.14.1?

All in all, I really have to admire how this game has been kept alive, even if it's not the ultra-hardcore-knob twisting hypersimulator by today's standards. It's horrible how some games are abandoned (Rise of Flight) to be resold for a cash grab (Rise of Flight x Il-2BoX: Electric Boogaloo), drm-ridden and outlandishly priced (DCS), not a real sim (War Thunder) or stagnating in its own sweat like Aces High 2. Now that's a crap game that hasn't shed any of it's fundamental flaws for the last 15 years!

dimlee 07-01-2020 08:30 PM

Some people do fly bombers. :grin:
I love SB-2. Historical or not, but turn radius is superb. Cut the prop pitch, reduce speed to 230-240 km/h, open radiators...and you can survive in 1 to 1 "dogfight". I just wish we could fire nose turret guns from the pilot seat.

Ki-45 is awesome until 1942 as long as there are no Spits in the air. Still, it can turn well even with the Spit.

Il2 Compare. I think the last one is 4.11. And there are versions for HSFX and BAT.

taly001 10-01-2020 03:31 PM

SB-2 1937 & 1938 is basically impossible to stall, il2 in game notes say this is characteristic of plane. SB-2 1938 & 1940 can be stalled in game, perhaps as they are heavier.

La-5FN is complete terror to German player! as it can UFO turn, All La-5 & 7 have same flight model data EXCEPT La-5FN which has its own "special" aileron/flap [squares] ;)

As all other La-5 & 7 use same value La-5FN appears to be wrong?

P.S. there is 348 seperate flight models in 4.13.4 il2:1946 already! So it would take a whole year to test and check all game....maybe!

dimlee 10-07-2020 12:56 PM

I wonder how "historical" is FM of SB-2...
Most probably, the turn rate is not. Not sure about stall characteristics. Need to add some books about Tupolev bombers into my library.

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