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Kaleschky 04-06-2014 12:58 AM

NOOO,pLz tell me its still alive ;O

djsatane 04-14-2014 03:14 PM

This is quite sad.

ZIGS 04-16-2014 07:01 PM

I asked a Russian friend I have on Steam and this is what he said:

18:53 - ZIGS: I need some of your Russian insight
18:53 - ZIGS:
18:53 - ZIGS: Can you confirm if this means the game Nuclear Union was cancelled?
18:53 - him: Sure.
18:53 - him: Sec
18:54 - him: Seems so, yeah. (
18:54 - ZIGS: Aww, damn
18:54 - him: USSR: "New Union" is the Russian title, not sure if it's the same game, but seems so (

What's with 1C and promising games getting cancelled lately? First it was Captain Blood and now this. It's like they hate money or something

djsatane 04-19-2014 08:15 AM

What does Best Way mean by distribution rather than publication? Didnt they develop engine and few games?

Kaleschky 04-20-2014 12:33 AM

Dayum...I was really hoping to play something good .

Raider65 04-24-2014 07:24 AM

From what I understand.

Developer: Best Way. creates the digital content.

Publisher: handles creation / manufactures / prints the physical copies (DVDs or whatever format) or makes the digital "packages".

Distributor: 1C wants to be just the distributor. Sends / distributes the products to vendors or sells the product on / from a web site.

So Best Way is looking for a new Publisher (someone to take over the publishing aspects of the game Nuclear Union / New Union (New Alliance) that they created / are creating, although it seems to be on a permanent hold at the moment).

Translated using Bing translator:

"The founder of Best Way Dmitry Morozov told the authors of the podcast "how to make games," 1» has cancelled development of post-apocalyptic RPG "new Alliance", deciding to focus on distribution, not the publication.

According to him, it happened immediately after the exhibition gamescom, held in August last year. Curiously, after that the Publishing House has demonstrated project at igromir in October (our impressions of it you can read here).

The right to the title and the plot of "the new Alliance" left behind "1", but the Best Way is in no hurry to bury the game. The Studio plans to find a new partner and launch your own post-apocalyptic RPG, using the same engine and lots of ready-made elements.

Morozov also spoke about the free-to-play-the project on the basis of a series of RTS "behind enemy lines". Now the game is at an early stage of development. As it is, however, another way, because the right to "behind enemy lines" also belong to the "1 c-Jason Rubin (Director).

Read more:"

Raider65 12-22-2014 01:09 PM

There may be a chance this will still come out.

Also there may be another Stalker.

roptor90 01-08-2015 08:28 PM

Nuclear Union can be still a pretty interesting title if 1C will do some small adjusments of course.

1) Revive the developing of Nuclear Union
2) Invite someone who has rich experience and skills with GEM engine already, someone like DMS
3) Temporarily hire/lend someone whos got skills with similar engines to GEM, someone from or
4) Give it some time
5) Profit

(Of course GEM engine is not that similar to 4A engine)

NuclearUnionFan 01-20-2015 10:03 AM

We are waiting for game:-(

Nokturnal 07-27-2015 12:14 AM

Raider65 - Thanks so much for posting that vid!
I had all but given up hope for this game. Glad to see it is still alive.
However, further digging reveals that it's no longer attached to 1C anymore which is why it's so quiet here.

Obviously Google translate isn't the greatest but what I think I read is that 1C didn't want to continue to finance it, but retained the ownership of the title. Best Way therefore have to give it a new title, Project5 as the working title, and it's now a fallout-inspired game in a stalker-esque enviornment.
The video seems promising although it is almost a year old and the latest thing I can find is a comment from some sort of social media thing stating (again translated):
"It was presented and the company Bestway, which moved to our city. Showed crude build of Project 5, which now is, as I understand, paused - looking for an investor."

So...It's died, revived, died again...come back without the 1C tag and now in limbo...
Let's hope someone picks it up!

Also just briefly on the new stalker possiblity - obviously that link was almost 8 months ago but in case you've not yet heard, GSC are back but no word of another stalker. They are working on Cossacks 3 which I'm told by people was a game that had/has almost as big of a following as stalker so maybe they thought it'd be a good way to re-enter the field...Again, let's just hope they also give us something stalker-ish to play!

roptor - obviously as I've said 1C are no longer involved, but I do agree that they could have worked it out. I don't know what 1C work on these days, I think publishing games is cheaper than funding development so that might be it?

Personally I like to see 1C associated with a game from an Eastern European dev because I know they will at least attempt to do a good job with translating and promotion of the title.

Anyway enough rambling from me.
Shame to see what was once a busy forum full of new and upcoming games now just a place housing a few flagship titles and some unheard of or cancelled games...

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