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Deathmachinept 10-03-2013 04:40 PM

Can you please sell this game in GOG? I want to buy it there.
I only play this game in the pirate version but I really wanted to buy it but I would like to do so as a DRM-FREE game that I can install anywhere in any PC and share with the people that use those PCs(Family).

GoG seems the prefect place for this kinda game it's really good value, I was amazed by the very interesting mission design in the singleplayer and how fresh and fun they were.

It would be nice if it was has pack instead of buying each iteration. I have used steam but I dislike it very much and no point of gamersgate when you have GOG.


Liondrome 02-21-2014 12:05 AM


DRM Free option would be nice, nothing against steam per say, but if were paying for it no reason to make us jump trough hoops right? ^_^

Janys 02-21-2014 07:50 AM

Hello guys,

Men of War Assault Squad 2 is built on many different Steam services. If we would like to go for a completely "keyless" or "DRM-less" solution, we would have to remove the support for mods, matchmaking, internet multiplayer, profile synchronization, achievements (and thus the whole experience system) and a few other things.

We understand that some people don't like (or downright hate) Steam, but for us, it's a way how to build a well working multiplayer infrastructure along with easy MOD integration and other community services. For a small developer team, it is much more efficient option than building a brand new multiplayer code, setting up multiplayer servers and so on. But if MoWAS2 will do very well (and it's already doing great on pre-orders), the devs might have more money for the next game where they can explore other ways how to introduce the game to players who are not on Steam :)

At least some good news for Deathmachine - Steam is going to introduce "Family sharing". It is currently in beta stage and you can check how it works here:

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