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Baqar79 04-30-2010 03:48 AM

Keyboard Command Reference
Hi there,

This is my first post :D , I had pretty ulterior motives for joining as I'm hoping to source some more useful information as the manual given with this game is pretty worthless.

First of does anyone know if there is a keyboard command reference as the game lists some of the keys but not the really useful ones like mousing over enemy units and holding CTRL to list turn sequence as well as movement range (Was lucky I found this need to see how far a unit can move to strategize).

Also things like Attack rate, and Defence rate; I'm brand new to the game, but I was hoping the documentation would actually explain everything, but it really just tells you that it improves the damage, but not by how much. Too be honest I ran into this problem with HOMMV, but there was a fantastic fan based manual that was actually incorporated into the game that had all the expansions included it was that good.

I've been trying too google for a wiki or website, manual or anything that will tell me these things but the information is ellusive.

The game looks good so far; I've only just started but want to know what all of these stats do so I can formulate strategies around them (Knowing the ingame mechanics for a game like this is absolutely necessary, at least for my own personal enjoyment of the game). I hear there is a russian fan manual that has been made and their have been suggestions on using online resources to translate this, but I've tried clicking on the link only to find it does not exist. I cannot speak russian; I think being born in a country where your native language is not english can be advantageous as you tend to be bilingual, alas, I'm not; shame on me. :(

By the way, having played Space Rangers 2 and having enjoyed that game so thoroughly (I have over a hundred PC games) I would like to thank Dmitry Gusarov and his team for creating a game which rivals most big branded titles by a very long margin; you guys have no idea (or maybe you do :D ) how much fun I had playing Space Rangers 2. Only since playing Master Of Orion 2 have I played a game with such lasting appeal.

Большое Спасибо!!

When I found out Dmitry Gusarov was responsible for this game as well I clicked 'buy' pretty damn fast. ;)

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