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usbStuck 01-24-2014 06:05 PM

How to put custom entries in the mission menu
Hi all,
I'm working on my very first coop practise mission with some ground targets, etc.

I'm almost done, but I want to add a custom entry in the mission menu (the one you can access by pressing TAB)

I've been playing around with some other scripts but I can't get it to work. Can someone help me out?

I pasted the part of the script that matters (I think) below:

    enum MenuID

    public void SetMainMenu(Player player)
        string[] entries = { "Mission status" };
        bool[] entriesSubmenu = { false };

        GamePlay.gpSetOrderMissionMenu(player, false, (int)MenuID.objectiveStatus, entries, entriesSubmenu);

    public override void OnOrderMissionMenuSelected(Player player, int ID, int menuItemIndex)
        base.OnOrderMissionMenuSelected(player, ID, menuItemIndex);

        // even this is not showing
        GamePlay.gpHUDLogCenter("menu id: " + ID.ToString() + " | menuItemIndex: " + menuItemIndex.ToString());

        // i'm sure i'm doing something wrong with the id and menuItemIndex here...
        if (ID == 0)
        else if (ID == (int)MenuID.objectiveStatus)
            if (menuItemIndex == 1)
                GamePlay.gpHUDLogCenter("Howdy son! I will link to a method that will display the objective status");

Sokol1 01-31-2014 08:20 PM


I suggest post your question in ATAG-FMB too, for better visibility, there some active mission makers/"scripters" regularly post.

Here is almost a "ghost city" now. ;)


usbStuck 02-12-2014 01:11 PM

thanks for your reply. It's indeed not very busy here anymore :)
Thought this forum was more tech-oriented, but will post future messages at ATAG.

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