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Asiriya 04-27-2014 01:21 PM

Assault Squad 2 discount?
Hi, I have Assault Squad 1 as part of the non-Steam 'Men of War Ultimate Collection'. Is there any way I can get the 10% discount for owners of the first game? Thanks.

kakisdf 04-30-2014 11:13 PM


1.create account steam steam -->tab games --> activate a product on steam...paste your SN Assault Squad
3.Buy Assault Squad 2 10% discount

oosathiray 03-06-2015 07:14 AM

only use multi sampling or super sampling aa, if you use adaptive(ati) thats what will Certkiller VCP550 happen. Play with different aa modes from your drivers instead of using in game aa options.???

oosathiray 03-06-2015 07:20 AM

Thanks for sharing....



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