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ddr 11-07-2013 05:35 PM

thank you DT for new development! seem to me it will be another great patch! :)
i hope to see (someday) some enancement on vehicles/train skins and models, and on older planes, bye!

_RAAF_Firestorm 11-07-2013 11:43 PM

DT, I'd like to ask a sensitive question regarding 4.13 and this is by no means a complaint or a criticism, it is intended to help plan out our squad server mission updates over the next 6-12 months:

The time lapse between major patches to date has been in the order of 15 to 17 months (for 4.10 to 4.11 to 4.12). Projecting this trend out places 4.13 release at around October to November 2014. This is of course dependant on the volume of planned content and the availability of TD resources. Is the above assumption realistic or can we can expect a smaller patch released earlier?

Appreciate all your hard work and amazing contributions, looking forward to your feedback.

ThePilot4ever 11-08-2013 06:21 AM

Thankyou Team Daidalos for keeping this old game spinning. I was in shock when I one day realized that my DVD version was completely outdated and that you had added lots of new aircraft amongst other things. Ever since I have come here like a child before christmas, looking for any news and sneakpeeks that you release (The He-177 being my favorite so far).

Request wise I don't want to go on some huge rant, so i'll keep it as simple as I can.

First off, my favorite feature is extra plane content. Tough I simply love the new smoke and fire effects and the skids and all that from the latest update, I can't help but point out that I simply love new aircraft, wether it be flying them, or riddling them with bullets.

So with that said, I have also noticed that some of the aircraft you add are made by seperate modders. Some of the planes being released by Modders (sutch as those from SAS) can be exceedingly irresistable to fly (or shoot). However, my modding escapade came to a quick end, probably due to my own incomepetence for modding, lol.

Basically what I would like added at some point, if modders allow it, would be the 1956 Korean war pack and/or that Spansih Civil War pack with allot of nice old aircraft. Tough I smell this to be invalid due to them running on a seperate mod engine.

If not possible, its pretty mutch the basic requests from here: B-26, More Fokker Types, A few Capronies, Helldivers, Lancasters, The Battle (maybe a bunch of british bombers), P-61, and so on.
Note: Please don't take this as a demand. I am quite happy with what you chaps at Team Daidalos are currently adding. Not to mention that I am still enjoying your previous patch.

Have a nice day, and good hunting!


SaQSoN 11-08-2013 07:14 AM

ThePilot4ever, DT is always open for cooperation with 3rd party modelers, willing to contribute their creations for the official add-ons. However, their models, maps and what not should comply with 1C:Maddox and DT technical and quality requirements, which not always true for the planes and other objects, released as mods. Some authors are wiling to rework their models, but this takes quite some time, some other - have no desire, or time to do that. That is why it often takes much longer for a new plane to appear in the official release, then in a mod. And that is why some objects from mods do not get in at all. And the third reason for a mod not to get into the official release, is the fact that some mod authors do not want to see their work in the DT add-ons.
Next, DT, releasing official add-ons, has to follow certain rules, which would not allow inclusion of copyrighted material, which often get into modded IL-2 from MS Flight sim (or other games) without even notifing their original authors and owners, let alone getting their permission. Adding such stuff into the official IL-2 may bring serious leagal and financial problems to 1C and DT members. Obviously enough, DT tries to avoid at all costs getting their rears fried by lowyers. ;)
Finally, about jet era planes. DT memebers believe, that this topic does not belong to the WWII simulation and should be kept apart, may be in a new game, or in a separate installation, even using IL-2 engine. However, DT members do not have posibility, time and desire to support more then one game at a time. So we would gladly leave it for others. 11-08-2013 04:58 PM


Originally Posted by _RAAF_Firestorm (Post 510817)
DProjecting this trend out places 4.13 release at around October to November 2014. This is of course dependant on the volume of planned content and the availability of TD resources. Is the above assumption realistic or can we can expect a smaller patch released earlier?

We always wanted to keep shorter intervalls between patches, but the sheer availability of new features made us wanting more than what was good for our deadlines. Now with 4.13 we again approach it as to be a rather smaller patch with a closer relase date and I hope we can keep it that way this time. :rolleyes:

BTW: New update available!

gaunt1 11-08-2013 06:20 PM


Originally Posted by (Post 510836)
BTW: New update available!

YEEEEEEESSSS!!!! N1K1J flyable! Thank you TD, thank you!!! :grin:

nic727 11-08-2013 09:30 PM

No Kickstarter to help daidalos Team? :D

ECV56_Guevara 11-09-2013 01:15 AM


Originally Posted by nic727 (Post 510854)
No Kickstarter to help daidalos Team? :D

It s a very good idea.
I really like DT answering questions in here. I know, that time here is not time working in the patch, but I still like it.

wheelsup_cavu 11-09-2013 05:00 AM

Always liked the Japanese planes. 8)


_RAAF_Firestorm 11-09-2013 06:30 PM

Thanks for the response TD.

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